STORMER CORRECTIONS: Mikhaila Peterson is Not THAT Much of a Mess

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

Here at the Daily Stormer, we strive for absolute accuracy, but like all papers, we sometimes get things wrong. When we do get things wrong, we get our corrections out as soon as we’ve been made aware of these troubles.

A recent article here on the Stormer about Mikhaila Peterson leaving her husband and following her father’s footsteps into the scam artist world showed a tweet that was a bit misleading.

There are two things to note about the above tweet’s claims.

First, the list of medications shows what she was on before her allegedly miraculous Lion Diet. It was printed in 2016 (visible if you zoom into the bottom right part of the image).

It is worth noting that she has recently taken anti-anxiety medications though, according to one of her latest videos, and that her father was put onto antidepressants.

Start at 1:00

Second, according to her, she left her husband about 14 months ago, but her alleged ex-husband from the tweet may actually be her brother.

In the video below she talks about leaving her husband because “sometimes life happens.”

Start at 5:49

On Jordan Peterson’s website, there is a picture of him, Mikhaila, his wife, and the man from the tweet — which combined with the fact that he looks eerily similar to the Room Cleaner himself, gives us reason to believe he’s actually Jordan Peterson’s son.

Or maybe Mikhaila was secretly in love with her father and went for the most lookalike man she could find, which opens up an interesting question: where is Jordan Peterson’s son?

Could he be the man from this picture?

If he is, then who is the woman next to his wife?

Weird family.