Stormer Columnist Lee Rogers Reveals DNA Test Results

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017

Back in the 1970s I drove a taxi in New York City for a living. Here I am getting ready to start my shift!

I decided to do 23andme’s DNA testing. I did this based on the assumption that it would make for a funny article. Other people who have done this have gotten interesting test results. For example, there have been White Europeans getting 23andme results showing them as 1 percent African or something. My result turned out to be just as funny.

Here are the results.

Take note of what I highlighted.

So 23andme says I’m 99.2% European but 0.5% filthy hook-nosed kike!

Who knows, maybe 23andme is just trolling me but I think I’m going to accept their results at face value. If some kike contaminated my bloodline it had to have occurred back in the 1700s or something. The rest of the results seem accurate based on what I know about my ancestry.

But now I can officially identify myself as a “fellow Jewish person” whenever I get attacked by kikes. I can also give them advice on political matters from a Jewish perspective. After all, I have confirmed 0.5% kike blood!

Of course, I might be ousted from the pro-White movement after revealing myself to be a 0.5% kike. It has admittedly put me in a somewhat awkward position. If that ends up happening, I’m confident that I’ll be able to make aliyah in Israel. I think I could even make the case to receive Holocaust benefits. After all, the pain and suffering that occurred during the Holocaust is passed down to each new generation of Jews through genetics. As a 0.5% kike, my genetic connection to this suffering is no less meaningful than a 100% kike. In fact, I can practically smell the gas that the Nazis used to kill all those poor Jews in fake shower rooms!

Oh well, here’s a more recent photo of myself. As you can see I’ve aged quite a bit since the 1970s.

That taxi driving job really took a toll on my personal health. I even had to change my birth name from “Travis” due to the physical and emotional trauma that I suffered on the job.