Stormer Book Club Crusade: The Final Solution to the Milo Problem

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2016


Deplorable kike Milo Yiannopoulos is the arch-nemesis of the Alt-right. Understand this.

I am hereby declaring a Holy Crusade against Milo Yiannopoulos, who is the single greatest threat our movement has at this time.

He is our arch-nemesis.

We need to stop this kike.

Deus Vult!


Stormer Book Clubs have formed. The program continues to grow.

Now, we have a first mission.

We are going to invade Milo’s events and confront him.

If you haven’t joined an SBC:


We need all the men we can get.

Just go on that forum, find your local group and make a post.

Look at This: It’s Already Happening

Ghoul’s Facebook meme page is already being overrun by Milo’s kikebots saying that the Alt-Right isn’t racist or anti-Semitic.


His plan is working. He is taking our brand, our symbols, and turning them against us for a neocon-Jew conservative agenda. He is rewriting our narrative, while taking everything that we have created to use for his own KIKE purposes.

This is the Plan

We are going to be at every single event Milo holds, publicly confront him and put it on YouTube. We are going to show his people that the real Alt-Right exists and that we despise him, that the hoax Alt-Right he’s created doesn’t exist.

Get your SBC partners, or your TRS pool party mates, or go alone – and ask him questions during the Q&A, then, if you can catch him afterwards, confront him there. Film it, upload it to YouTube. If you’re worried about exposing your own identity, either film it in such a way so as you are not exposed, or blur yourself.

Step One

Go to the show. Entrance is free. Sit in separate places if there are more than one of you planning to ask questions (ideally, you should all ask questions).

Step Two

Ask a question.

Here are some examples:

  • When will you be giving out the money you took for the White privilege college tuition fund? I read on the #1 Alt-Right website the Daily Stormer that you stole it.
  • You claim that the Alt-Right is only 5% racist anti-Semites. The Daily Stormer says this is a lie, and they are the number one Alt-Right site on the internet with more traffic than all other Alt-Right sites combined, which you can easily look up. Who are the non-racists in the Alt-Right? Are you lying? Who are these people that they have no media outlets? How have you quantified them?
  • Will you be going on an Alt-Right podcast such as The Daily Shoah or Fash the Nation to explain your belief that the Alt-Right is secretly a non-racist movement, and everything they say is a joke? The Right Stuff and the Daily Stormer are the two most popular Alt-Right websites, and both of them are actually racist and anti-Semitic.
  • You claim that the Alt-Right is joking when they attack Jewish journalists. But the Daily Stormer, an Alt-Right site which has been cited by many mainstream websites as the source of these twitter attacks, says that it isn’t joking. The Daily Stormer has more traffic than all other Alt-Right sites combined. What evidence do you have that racism is all a big joke?

Basically some version of those four questions should be asked at every show. If you have more than four people, you can repeat the same questions. Or you can think of your own.

Make sure to seriously play-up the “world’s number one Alt-Right site with millions of views, which is a fact anyone can look-up” angle. That way it is made abundantly clear that he is lying, not simply miscalculating.

Step Three

Visit any post-speech event he has, and question him further there, and film it. He is a drug addict and will have a hard time interacting with you in an off-stage environment. If you can get video of him looking rattled and post it online, this will damage his reputation.

Fragile Person

His entire public image is based on the idea that he can’t be rattled, and that he is offended by nothing, has no real beliefs. This is where you have to hit him. Force him into being unable to do something snarky. Making him uncomfortable is good, making him defend mainstream liberal positions on racism and anti-Semitism is better. Defending the mainstream makes him look weak and pathetic, yet he has already defined his positions – or defined our positions? – as a form of liberalism.

He will also be in a state of constant fear when he knows that real Nazis are going to show-up at every show and confront him. That there is nowhere to run.

This is Very, Very Important

This guy is the worst imaginable enemy. You all need to get out there and do this. It will also be a good reason to get involved in an SBC, if you haven’t already.

We must fight.

You have your orders.


Hail Victory.

Here is the full list of tour dates.

THU – Sep 29, 2016 Boca Raton, FL Florida Atlantic University
FRI – Oct 07, 2016 Auburn, AL Auburn University
MON – Oct 10, 2016 Tuscaloosa, AL University of Alabama
TUE – Oct 11, 2016 Nashville, TN Vanderbilt University
WED – Oct 12, 2016 Cullowhee, NC Western Carolina University
SUN – Oct 16, 2016 Atlanta, GA Cobb Galeria Centre
TUE – Oct 18, 2016 Everywhere #WorldPatriarchyDay
TUE – Oct 18, 2016 Clemson, SC Clemson University
WED – Oct 19, 2016 Davidson, NC Davidson College
FRI – Oct 21, 2016 Washington, D.C. George Washington University
SAT – Oct 22, 2016 New Haven, CT Yale University
MON – Oct 24, 2016 Newark, DE University of Delaware
TUE – Oct 25, 2016 Fairfax, VA George Mason University
WED – Oct 26, 2016 College Park, MD University of Maryland
FRI – Oct 28, 2016 Orange County, CA The Adam Carolla Show
SUN – Oct 30, 2016 Irvine, CA UC Irvine
TUE – Nov 01, 2016 Hanover, NH Dartmouth College
WED – Nov 02, 2016 Morgantown, WV West Virginia University
FRI – Nov 04, 2016 Columbus, OH The Ohio State University
THU – Nov 10, 2016 Palm Beach, FL David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend
TUE – Nov 15, 2016 Philadelphia, PA Villanova University
WED – Nov 16, 2016 New York, NY Columbia University
THU – Nov 17, 2016 New York, NY New York University
SUN – Nov 20, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Rebel Cruise
WED – Nov 30, 2016 State College, PA Penn State University
FRI – Dec 02, 2016 Athens, OH Ohio University
TUE – Dec 06, 2016 Cleveland, OH Cleveland State University
WED – Dec 07, 2016 East Lansing, MI Michigan State University
FRI – Dec 09, 2016 Ames, IA Iowa State University
TUE – Dec 13, 2016 Milwaukee, WI UW-Milwaukee
THU – Dec 15, 2016 Mankato, MN Minnesota State University
FRI – Dec 16, 2016 Fargo, ND North Dakota State University
TUE – Jan 10, 2017 Stanford, CA Stanford University
FRI – Jan 13, 2017 Davis, CA UC Davis
WED – Jan 18, 2017 Portland, OR Portland State University
THU – Jan 19, 2017 Pullman, WA Washington State University
FRI – Jan 20, 2017 Seattle, WA University of Washington
WED – Jan 25, 2017 Boulder, CO University of Colorado Boulder
THU – Jan 26, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO University of Colorado Colorado Springs
MON – Jan 30, 2017 Santa Barbara, CA UC Santa Barbara
TUE – Jan 31, 2017 San Luis Obispo, CA California Polytechnic State University
WED – Feb 01, 2017 Berkeley, CA University of California, Berkeley
THU – Feb 02, 2017 Los Angeles, CA UCLA

Be sure to check his official schedule and confirm before heading out.