Stormer 30 Day Paleo Challenge: One Week In

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2015

Salami is the greatest gift of all - just make sure it's pure without filler!
Salami is the greatest gift of all – just make sure it’s pure without filler!

So, it’s a week since we began the Stormer 30 Day Paleo Challenge, and I wanted to see how everyone is doing with it.

By now, though you might still be dealing with a slight loss of energy if you’ve gone low carb, you should be feeling the benefits, maybe feeling lighter.

The number one way to fight feminism?  Be Conan.
The number one way to fight feminism? Be Conan.

So please, tell us in the comments what’s going on, and let us know any questions you might have.

If you aren’t on the paleo challenge yet because you didn’t know about it, you can start any time – details here.

Random Notes

This post is not long enough, so I’ll add some other crap.

Regarding the Bella and the Bull trollquest – we are all experiencing fatigue with the issue of the Twitter lockdown.  They are actually now locking it down not just against trolls, but against normal real people like Charles C. Johnson of

Still, there are updates – this whole thing has been spread across the internet.  So the operation has been a success, and is continuing.  As you’ve noticed, all of our other writers are on vacation, so I’ve had a very heavy workload, and I haven’t been able to yet figure out a way to escalate the drama with this cuck show.

I decided to make a real Twitter account, which I will be posting on and not using it to troll cucksters.

With the cuck meme now being extended to a high-profile Supergirl series, the world will soon take notice of the Jew agenda to get all White men cuckolded by Negroids.

Something is really happening.  All across these tubes.  People are becoming more aware and a Zeitgeist is forming.  I’m going to try and focus on this and other macro-issues as much as I can, but I need more people to do the regular news stories before that happens.  It’s a huge problem to not have a paid staff, and also be too Fascist for most bloggers to want in on this.

If you want to get involved, or if you know a good news blog I should approach with a proposition, let me know.

As always, we are accepting monetary contributions.  The details on that are here.  If you’ve got any cash you’re not using, considering sending a bit, if you’ve got nothing, don’t even worry about it.

Still have a piece from Matt Parrott I want to respond to re: feminism, as well as one from Hunter Wallace re: internet memetics I never got a chance to reply to.  So look for that.  Also am working on an entire series on feminism, which I will begin posting weekly editions to as soon as a few of my writers return or I get more.  The first priority, obviously, is to make sure the news is updated every day, anything else comes after that, and right now there is no room for anything after that.

The solution is probably to lobby God to add extra hours to the day.  Maybe I’ll put up a petition on