StopTheSteal.US – Find Your Local Protest Here! Get Out There!

The Stop the Steal Facebook page was recently shut down by the Jews, but for the time being, we still have an official events website for the group that is organizing protests against voter fraud.


Everyone needs to go to that website and find a protest in their area and get out to it – RIGHT NOW.

There are major events in every contested state scheduled for Saturday:

What’s more: there are backup events at every single state capital, in every state in the union!

Everyone needs to go to one of those events!

The ones in contested states will be bigger, and thus if you can get to one of those then get to it, but if you can’t, go to the event in your own state!


We need to fill the streets, across this country, and demand JUSTICE!

There has never been a bigger crime in the entire history of this country!

We have to stand up and we have to FIGHT!

Yes, we do have backup plans.

We pray the president declares martial law, and if that doesn’t happen, we are pushing for secession.

But right now, we need to focus on just filling up space on the street.

That WILL impact the decision of the Supreme Court! They claim to be impartial, but if we have crowds of people filling the street, these people are human beings and they will feel that!

What’s more: if we don’t get our win in the court, we don’t get martial law – then the energy of these protests will be judo-chopped straight into a call for secession!

Joe Biden is not the president! He will not rule us!

Remember: do not bring long guns and tell people who do bring guns to leave! Those people are just trying to make a mess and make a mockery of what we are trying to do here!

Get out there!

Find your protest, and GO! Get everyone you know! Get out there NOW!