Stop Saying Nick Fuentes is a Cuck. He Isn’t a Cuck. He Doesn’t Ever Cuck on Anything.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2017

People should stop saying Nick Fuentes is a cuck.

He isn’t a cuck.

He is an optics extremist. But he keeps it real.

And people be like “Anglin, he insulted you tho!”

Okay, that probably happened. Fine. Whatever. Maybe he feels he needs to do that, or maybe he is too dumb to understand the importance of what we are doing here as far as THE OVERTON WINDOW and MASS PUBLIC DESENSITIZATION. Or maybe he just hasn’t looked into it.

Whatever. I don’t care.

I am not so shallow as to judge people by what they think of me. At least not exclusively. Yes, generally, if a person understands what we are doing here on this site, that raises my opinion of him. But again, there is a very good chance he does understand what we are doing here, but feels a need to disavow anyway.

Whatever the case, what he is doing is very, very good.

I don’t know if he will be the man to do this job, ultimately, but he is the first guy to come out with a plan to do this job. And this is something I have personally been waiting for as long as I’ve been doing this site. It is absolutely necessary.

I might have done it myself even. But the thing is, what I am doing is necessary – absolutely necessary – and most intelligent people didn’t, back in 2013, understand the necessity of what I am doing with this site. One would think that at this point, given the overwhelming, ongoing successes of what we’ve done here, everyone would now understand it.

But again – whatever. I am fully able to understand the objective necessissity of what he is doing, whether he understands the necessity of what I am doing or not.

I don’t expect the DS audience to be interested in this guy. But try to understand him.

He doesn’t cuck on any issue. He just presents things in a very specific way.

That is all.

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