Stop Acting Like You’re Some Kind of Freak – Our Views are Completely Normal

Regardless of the lengths I go to to explain things as if I was explaining them to a child, the vast majority of readers of this website are too stupid to understand anything I write.

When I read various comments, I often feel like giving up. But then I tell myself “I’m leaving a record for future historians.”

But it is truly soul-wrenching to be dumping mounds of pure and unadulterated truth, day after day, in front of such gross morons so totally incapable of processing it.

However, in my mind, I do imagine that the regular reader, who does not comment, is much more intelligent than the truly unbelievably stupid people I interact with.

A recent comment on my article about neo-Nazi fed fatbody Matt Heimbach made me sick inside.

It is difficult to even begin to dissect something which is so deeply and vastly moronic as these words from a Hoax Watch reader. What I feel I need to do, however, is clarify, as it is once again clear that the moronic average reader of this site has slipped into assuming I said something I did not in any way say.

Most people who disagree with me, in fact, invent some other story in their head about what I’ve said and disagree with that story. I used to think that this was my fault for not being clear enough, but I came to realize that I am as clear as crystal, and it is entirely the fault of the reader.

Firstly, as you can see, this comment is in reference to my stated agenda to get everyone to move out of the city, and get involved in a local community. People like this commenter are trying to come up with every possible excuse to stay in the city, because they are living in a fantasy reality that they have created in their minds, where somehow, the obvious isn’t going to happen. They are committed to their urban life, and so they try to come up with these complicated justifications in their minds for why they should stay in the city. That is the basic retarded, mentally ill context for these bizarre ideas.

(The commenter writes like he has some familiarity with rural people, but he doesn’t. I’ve seen his other comments.)

Now: I don’t know about you people, but I am not a weirdo. I do not harbor any dark secrets. I’m not trying to trick anyone, and I resent anyone who is trying to trick people with a weird agenda.

I’m sure someone, somewhere has a weird agenda, but I want nothing to do with it. I am not a sneaky snake and I resent sneaky snakes.

If you think of yourself as outside of normal people, better than them in some way, and trying to guide them with a secret agenda, then you should go join the Democrat Party and work with the Jews. My only goal is to work with the people, and promote the people’s agenda.

I have personally observed that many people in the right-wing are antisocial, suffering from various kinds of delusional disorders. They join the right-wing not because they care about it or understand it, but because they want to be “outside” of the mainstream.

I do not advise anyone to sneak around with a secret agenda. If you start thinking of yourself in those terms, you’ll probably end up a child molester – or worse.

What I believe personally is not really any different than what Pat Buchanan promotes, or what Donald Trump ran on in 2016. The only issue that I would ever hit a wall with when talking to a normal conservative is the Jewish issue. As we’ve discussed to infinity and back, American Christians have been brainwashed into Judeo-Christianity. However, my views on the Jews are not some dark secret that I harbor.

This commenter is clearly an urbanite, who has obviously never interacted with a person outside of the freeway belt of whatever cesspit he dwells in, and does not have any inkling of life outside of his cesspit, and has simply created a fantasy story about the nature of middle Americans.

In reality, as long as you act normally – not like some weirdo with a dark secret – normal people will allow you to disagree with them and not hold that against you. No normal person is going to fight you over your views on the Jewish issue, as long as you agree with them on everything else. Frankly, it wouldn’t even come up very often in conversation, and you do not have to make a point of it.

Furthermore, as we’ve seen, belief in Judeo-Christianity is waning, and many people who are a bit more clever will be willing to agree with you on it.

Just look at Nick Fuentes: he is very straightforward about everything, and you cannot possibly tell me that the average American conservative is offended by him. The only people who push against him and attack him are establishment hacks who are paid by Jews to defend Jews. Nick Fuentes could walk into any normal American town and get along with everyone. They might say “well, I don’t think all Jews are like that” or something, but they will not consider it a big deal.

In terms of everything else: yes, as a matter of absolute and indisputable fact, the overwhelming majority of normal Americans are “de facto white nationalists.” While I have definitely gotten pushback on the Jewish issue, I have yet to meet a single normal social conservative in real life that won’t agree that America should be a primarily white country.

Just please – go back and look at Trump 2016.

He was talking about building a “Deportation Force” – basically saying he was going to send out a paramilitary police force to round up all of the brown people in the country. That is what people heard. I talked to people in Ohio that were saying they couldn’t wait until the Somalians and “all the Moslems” were rounded up.

Yes, these same people will say “I’m not a racist,” but again, we’ve been up and down this issue – conservatives believe that “racist” means someone who wants to kill or otherwise harm nonwhite people in a sadistic way. That’s what they mean when they say “I’m not a racist.” They don’t mean that they support multiculturalism, or would really support any immigration at all, if they were given the choice.

Maybe this wasn’t all clear before the Trump 2016 campaign, but it is definitely clear now, and there is no excuse for not understanding this, other than that you are involved in a kind of “create your own reality” project. As stated, the commenter quoted above is very much involved in a program to create his own reality – he has posted many times all kinds of different explanations as to why it’s a good idea for him to stay in the city. This is one such line of reasoning.

But I have seen it in other places – this idea that the ideas that we discuss here on Hoax Watch are somehow fringe, and that we have to hide them, and try to trick people. His claim that the townspeople will find out the dark secret and turn against you is so extreme it’s hard to even process – but I’ve seen it in other places.

There is nothing weird about what we believe and what we promote. It is the mainstream of conservatism. It is populism. It is normal. There is no secret. If you think that normal white Americans are not interested in a future for their children, you are living in an alternate reality.

The fact that the reader is defending Matt Heimbach shows you how many levels of “alternative reality” he’s on. If you can feel normal around someone like that, then yes, there is something wrong with you, and yes, you will deserve whatever you get because you are defective.

People who get involved in neo-Nazism are losers who want to feel like they are better than other people. It’s a cult. That’s why people join it. It’s not because they have a legitimate desire to be with “like minded” people. It’s a game they’re playing and a hobby. If you want to pretend you’re a special person, that you have some secret information, join the flat earth movement. We’re involved in something very serious here, and this isn’t some stupid kids’ game, where you get to feel special.

As far as problems in the rural areas – of course the women are fat and slutty. But that’s going to be the bulk of it.

Here’s a way to think about things: you have the same views as the average Republican, you’re just a bit better informed.

Go to a small town. Get involved with the community. Don’t be a weirdo. Don’t engage in secret weird stuff. Just act like a normal person. You’ll be fine.