Stone Cold Steve Austin Confronts Jewish Snake About Total Jew Domination of Earth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2015

In this incredible clip, the pro-wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin confronts a Jew interviewer, Paul Heyman, on complete Jewish domination of the earth.

The conversation took place during an interview Austin was doing with Heyman on the former’s podcast which airs on the WWE network.

Heyman is a WWE producer and writer.

The exchange started when Austin mentioned his love for hunting, then it went like this:

Heyman: I’m a Jew, and my people, we’re not hunters. We’re furriers. You know? You see the whole crew’s laughing now about that, especially the guy over there who’s Jewish. Cuz he knows. I can’t kill the thing, but I can make ya a nice lapel out of it.

Austin: Yeah, but, you’re into diamonds as well. How do you all live – as you would say – diamonds, furs, movie business – what’s the deal here? Is this a monopoly?

Heyman: Whaaaaa?

Austin: What.

Heyman: Whaaat???

Austin: Your people.

Heyman: My people, we own everything. We own the media.

Austin: I know. How is that?

Heyman: Well, because we’re the smart people. We’re the Jews.

The Jew then makes some akward jokes about his Jewishness.

The full interview is available here.

A rather incredible little clip, this is. The show took place at the beginning of this month, and there is little commentary on it available on the internet.

The thing is, Austin does not appear to be joking. It appears to be something that popped right out of his mouth without his having thought about it as soon as Heyman mentioned his Jewishness. Note that there was really very little connection between Heyman’s “Jews aren’t hunters” joke and Austin’s accusation of monopoly control of industry and the media.

Austin obviously has high testosterone (presumably not all of it is endogenous, but that’s not the point here), and masculinity hate Jews by its very nature as masculinity is the opposite, opposing force of Jew femininity. I believe that having been exposed to them, Stone Cold most certainly hates the Jews, and was as deadly serious as he looked when making these comments.

He did not show any sign that he was joking.
He did not show any sign that he was joking.

But here is an article about the show, and there is no mention of the Jew exchange save in the comments.

I didn’t even hear about this myself until yesterday.

I am not certain why the Jews have not demanded an apology or fired Austin for these comments. It may be they missed them, or it may be that they have opted to choose their battles more wisely.

It is very surprising, whatever the case. Surprising and fantastic.