Stock Market Collapses Because Everyone has the Coronavirus or Whatever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

The bad thing about Coronavirus is that you’re going to die.

The good thing about Coronavirus is that everyone else is going to die.

Yahoo News:

U.S. stock futures sank Sunday evening, indicating that Monday would begin yet another brutal trading week on Wall Street as mounting coronavirus fears rippled across global markets.

As of 6:50 p.m. ET, Dow futures (YM=F) plunged 309 points, or 1.22%, while S&P futures (ES=F) tumbled 1.17% and Nasdaq futures (NQ=F) dropped 1.10%.

Last week the rapid spread of coronavirus and lack of containment in countries outside of China rocked global markets, sending all three of the major indices fell into a correction in a matter of six days.

The Dow logged its worst week since early 2008, the S&P 500 Index plunged by over 11% into correction territory, while government bond yields have fallen to record lows. That contributed to nearly $7 trillion in market value being obliterated, according to S&P/Dow Jones’ Howard Silverblatt.

Donald Trump kept promoting himself as the stock market candidate, which I always thought was retarded, as the stock market is the number one thing you have no control over.

Furthermore, I’m not really sure who ever cares about the stock market. I’ve met a few people who started talking to me about the stock market, and I was like “bro what?”

I don’t know if this affects his reelection chances.

I guess it probably does, since his whole thing was “stock market, lol.”

Maybe it will go back up before the election, if Coronavirus stops.

I guess it probably will?

Do you even know what the stock market is?

Because I only have a vague understanding of what it actually even is.

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