Stock Market Again Going for All Time Highs as Biden and the Republicans Prepare to Print Trillions

Remember when those Alt-Right neo-Nazis that were inexplicably allowed on Twitter after even the likes of Bill Mitchell was banned were claiming that the coronavirus economic collapse would be good for white people and the only thing that would happen is that stock prices would fall?

These people literally said that the virus hoax was legit and that it would “collapse the Jewish financial system.” I was just going back and reading through some of those old posts, and it is totally mind-melting that these supposed “political dissidents” supported the CNN narrative even harder than CNN.

Get it? “Conomy.” It’s like “economy,” but you remove the “e,” which makes it a hilarious meme. Memes are so silly, aren’t they folks? The least silly part of the meme, however, was when the government closed down all small businesses and transferred trillions in wealth from the middle and working classes to bankers and billionaires. But hey – at least you didn’t get the devastating flu, huh?

I know those neo-Nazis are purposefully promoted by the establishment as the fake dissident movement. But it is so frustrating to imagine anyone seeing these retards and thinking they are representative of American anti-Semitism and Nationalism.

It’s so frustrating to have been calling all of this stuff left and right and have all of my predictions come true, and then have the public think that white advocates are all moronic neo-Nazis who supported the implosion of the middle class by saying it was all about stocks.


U.S. stocks rebounded on Tuesday a day after worries about slowing economic growth kept investors on edge and knocked major indexes lower.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 94 points, or 0.4%. S&P 500 added 0.2% and Nasdaq Composite rose 0.1%. The blue-chip Dow climbed 250 points to touch an all-time high at one point on Monday, but ended the session nearly 100 points lower. It closed about 1% from a record Monday.

The 10-year Treasury yield was stable on Tuesday, easing some of the concerns about slowing economic growth, after falling back to near 5-month lows on Monday. However, oil prices continued to fall.

The spread of the delta coronavirus variant continued to keep investors on edge. The seven-day average of daily coronavirus cases in the U.S. reached 72,790 on Friday, surpassing the peak seen last summer when the nation didn’t have an authorized Covid-19 vaccine, according to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, on the positive side the U.S. reached the 70% Covid vaccine milestone, according to the CDC.

Stocks that would benefit most from an economic reopening and more widespread vaccination gained in premarket trading Tuesday. Shares of most airlines were higher in premarket trading, along with Carnival Corp.

“The delta variant of the virus is now rapidly spreading in the U.S. and a modest pullback in activity can’t be ruled out,” Solita Marcelli, CIO Americas at UBS, said in a note. “But any potential slowdown should be somewhat muted.”

The vaccine made things worse! Who would have thought?!

The former Alt-Right, which is now completely consumed by moronic neo-Nazism, never apologized for claiming that the “coronavirus pandemic” would be good for normal white people. They never went back and analyzed why their “collapse of the stock market” theory didn’t pan out. Instead, they went straight into shilling the vaccine.

This is one of the top leaders of the Twitter neo-Nazi movement shilling the virus hoax (and the vaxx!) all the way into November – when he was still making these inexplicable moronic predictions:

Honestly, I don’t believe they have any organic following at all, other than a few humorless, misanthropic autists with no comprehension of social norms, and really just hate their leftist parents. But they are put out there as representatives of Nationalism, while I’m not even allowed to use email, and have been banned from having a personal bank account since 2017.

It’s just so frustrating that this should have been the time when Nationalism became central to American politics. Vaccine refusal is an issue that all normal white conservatives are capable of rallying around, and clearly, no one other than whites is going to take a stand against the government.

It would be so easy to rally the people around a far-right agenda in the face of this massive government overreach – while Donald Trump, who is supposed to be the leader of white people, is out there shilling the vaxx that none of his supporters want. So instead of nationalists taking point, the people have no leaders at all.

Ah well. What’re you gonna do? We got Jewed.

The reason stocks went up was that the government printed money. Printing money devalues money, so people have to monetize something other than money. The obvious thing to monetize is real estate and stocks.

That is to say: stock prices are not going up, the value of the dollar is going down. But the people doing this are able to triple their wealth with investments, while working class whites still get paid $12 an hour. Printing money is a way to transfer wealth from the working and middle classes to the rich.

The brief stock market crash before the boom, which the neo-Nazis on Twitter took at face value, was actually the media convincing the middle class to dump their stock so the rich could buy it all up. There was nonstop insider shilling on MSNBC, pumping up a fake crash, right before the market soared to all time highs.

The reason the stock is going up again now is that Biden is going to print all of this new money, some number of trillions of dollars. Everything is necessarily bound to go up again. This is how they are making it look like inflation isn’t happening at the obvious rate it should be happening – by creating the conditions for people to park their money in stocks and real estate.

Or, you know – maybe in the other thing.

At least we have Bitcoin for the people. Everyone who dumped their stimulus checks and kept their hands diamond-hard will be rewarded in the dystopian nightmare world.

Moreover, America is going to see a large protest movement when the media finally makes it clear that they are bringing in new lockdowns and a vaccine passport.

I trust Nick Fuentes will be at those rallies.

I also trust he will have the full beard.

Really, the beard is the only way he can be identified if he’s standing next to Jake Lloyd in his suit.

Otherwise, everyone will be pointing at Jake and saying “that handsome guy in the suit must be the leader.” They will assume Nick is just one of Lloyd’s nondescript henchmen.

If Nick has the full beard, people can say “no, the one with the beard is the leader,” and people will reply “oh okay, that makes sense.”