Still No Statement on Why a Fed-Linked Heroin Dealer is Running TheRightStuff.Biz Security

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

We’re a few days out from #AnarchoTrannyHeroinFedGate or whatever you want to call the complete and total implosion of TheRightStuff.Biz, and so I believe it is a fair time to reflect on what we’ve all experienced during this bizarre and dastardly affair.

Basically, there is zero chance that the entire organization is not completely infiltrated and corrupted by federal agents.

I am a long time fan of the podcasts, and spent three years actively promoting them for free because I thought it was good content. I actually considered some of these people friends, though we never met in real life. But this has just gotten to the point where it is simply impossible for a serious person to not acknowledge this for what it is: an absolute cop fest.

Let me just go through the timeline.

This might be a whole lot more detail than anyone needs, but I just want it all to be out there for the historical record. Please archive this page, copy it, save it all.

  • In September of 2018, the Daily Stormer stopped posting the shows of after TRS employee Eric Striker did a very friendly show with the doxer and likely fed Paul Nehlen during the same week TRS employee Alex McNabb did an equally friendly show with the admitted fed snitch Christopher Cantwell.
  • Then Eric Striker did a friendly show hosting Cantwell.
  • When confronted, Mike Enoch said that it was all a big mix-up and that this would never happen again. It would have been a perfect time to make a hard and unequivocal public disavowal of the fed snitch Cantwell and feds and fed snitches in general, as I suggested he do, but he declined to do so.
  • For the months that followed, TRS continued to promote sickening and weird costume people, such as the disgraced freak Matt Parrott, who was involved in a trailer park incest drama in March 2018. TRS’s ideological figurehead Eric Striker and their chief of security Jayoh De La Rey both publicly promoted costumed freaks as acceptable and people that should be respected and followed.
  • In June of this year, TRS sent their top employee Morrakiu – who is featured weekly on their show, and has been for years – to appear on the show of Christopher Cantwell, the fed snitch – who at that point was even more aggressively and publicly reporting on right wingers, trying to have their kids taken away for making fun of them – to act like everything was just fine and dandy. I called up Mike Enoch to ask what the hell was going on and he said some thing about “gay drama” and then blocked my number.
  • I posted an article denouncing TRS, stating the obvious and accepted fact – that even niggers understand, instinctively – that anyone who associates with a fed snitch must themselves be assumed to be a fed snitch. The repeated instances of TRS employees associating with the fed snitch showed that this wasn’t some accident, but a deliberate policy of the organization to attempt to resurrect this figure, to involve him in activities, to send young and impressionable people to follow him. TRS did not respond at all, continued to associate with Morrakiu, and continued to speak favorably of Cantwell on their show (it is my understanding that they still do this on a weekly if not daily basis, doing cute little voice impressions of him).
  • Then in late June, it was leaked that the head of TRS security, Jayoh De La Rey, is in a secret chat with the fed snitch Cantwell (screenshot here). This secret chat also included the costume freaks and suspected feds Matt Heimbach and Tony Hovator – two figures who TRS has tried to associate their followers with via the costume freak Eric Striker, who is the ideological figurehead of their organization.
  • At this point you had three members of TRS (Alex McNabb, Eric Striker and Morrakiu) publicly associated with an actual fed snitch, who turned over video evidence to the FBI and filing reports specifically against white nationalists – along with a secret backchannel with this individual. None of these people apologized, or said that it was a mistake. They all doubled down. When asked what the hell was going on by me and most of their audience, the leadership of TRS continued to stonewall and refuse to give any explanation as to why they are so intimately involved with the cops.
  • In early September, a recording was released on 4chan of Jayoh De La Rey, the head of TRS security who had also been caught in a secret chat room with the fed snitch Chris Cantwell (as well as costumed freaks Matt Heimbach and Tony Hovator), appearing on a 2012 anarchist podcast as “Jim Object” talking about how he was a heroin dealer involved with sex with trannies. He claimed he had been raided by 40 federal agents armed with AR-15s at his heroin dealing spot. He said that he was arrested and not allowed to talk to a lawyer or his family until he agreed to be an informant. According to his account, he agreed to be an informant, then fled the country for South America. This was in June of 2012, approximately 3 years before he started working for TRS as their head of security.
  • I wrote a long article detailing all of these issues with Jim Object.
  • Many of TRS’s followers wanted an explanation for what exactly it meant that a guy who claimed to have been involved in heroin trafficking and made some kind of deal to become an FBI informant was working for the head of TRS security. TRS responded to these concerns by shutting down all comments on their website and mass blocking people on Twitter who asked what all of this meant.
  • Eventually, Mike Enoch gave a bizarre response to the situation, where he accused me, Andrew Anglin, of being mentally ill and insinuated that I must be an SPLC agent for daring to bring this up at all. He said that Jayoh was “larping,” and said that this would be his final statement on the issue.
  • We are now more than a week out, and the TRS team continue to delete any questions about this, and refuse to give any kind of explanation for any of it – apparently, the last word is that anyone who asks about it is insane and/or an SPLC agent.

As sad as all of this is, there is simply no possible explanation as to how these people are not utterly compromised.

If there is nothing to hide, then there is zero reason that they cannot simply come out and answer the questions that people have. The only reason you would stonewall like this is if you were working with feds. Otherwise, even if you ended up looking stupid and irresponsible, you could still get away with not looking like utter rats.

People make mistakes. I know I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made embarrassing mistakes. But never in my life has it crossed my mind that the answer to dealing with mistakes I’ve made is to engage in a mass campaign of silencing anyone who asks me about my mistakes. If there is any place where transparency is an absolute necessity, it is within dissident politics, which is always crawling with feds trying to get involved in absolutely everything.

While Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, Jim Object, Jazzhands McFeels and the rest of the top brass of the TRS structure are remaining silent, they are sending out low-grade morons as surrogates to attack anyone who is questioning them. The best explanation that they have come up with was that the Jim Object podcast was a joke. This is an obvious lie.

It’s such an obvious lie that it is actually shocking to me that any gentile could have the nerve to tell it.

Listen to the podcast, guys.


This is an entire story of an identity on an established anarchist podcast, Anarchist Gumbo. There was no satire, there was no joke, there was no humor, there was just a story of Jim Object, the drug dealing anarchist fugitive who fled the country after making a deal to become a federal informant.

Furthermore, Jayoh/Jim Object posted extensively on anarchist forums about this same stuff.

This same shit about being accepted into Harvard – same stuff on the podcast.

Maybe it was a fake identity, but it wasn’t a joke identity.

Jayoh has another fake identity, that of a mercenary in South Africa (here and here you can learn more about those lies).

Staff note: Myth of the 20th century is getting their stuff shoahed. If the links don’t work, you can at least check this archive of one of the pages and it has Jayoh’s claim of being a mercenary in the description. Here’s an archive of the corresponding podcast audio:

Jayoh claims to have been hired with no previous experience to shoot black people. This is how he gained his “street cred” in the TRS movement. So if you believe that the Jim Object “tranny-sex heroin dealer on the run from the feds” identity was fake, and the “mercenary Zulu-hunter super soldier” identity was fake, then you have two separate fake identities both designed to appeal to and gain credibility among groups that are being targeted by the FBI.

Which sure does make him look like a cop, doesn’t it? 

Or maybe the heroin story was true, he fled to South America, he got caught, and that deal he made to be an informant was back on the table, and they sent him into the Alt-Right with the details of a life as a South African merc?

And then he’s not really a cop, just a confidential informant? 

But then there’s the best case scenario of course, which is…. what is it? Does anyone even know?

I guess it’s just that he’s some crazy liar who just makes up insane fantasy stories about his life, and Mike Enoch met him and was like “yeah, this seems like the guy who should be in charge of all security for my real life groups, dealing with all of the sensitive data for everyone who entrusts me with with their private information”?

And then the fact that Jim Object was secretly in communication with an admitted federal informant. In Cantwell’s secret chat. With Matt Heimbach and Tony Hovater.

And another thing: the surrogate shills going out and defending TRS are claiming that Jayoh might just be a pathological liar, and that he just makes up insane things, like being a tranny-fucking heroin dealer on the run from the feds, or a Zulu-hunting mercenary in South Africa because of a psychological disorder. However, if you study people with the pathological liar disorder – there’s a lot of literature about it, and you can read the Wikipedia page – pathological liars lie about things mainly for no reason. They don’t do so for self-interest, but simply as part of a pathology, without specific goals. And Jayoh’s two big lies – being the heroin dealer on the run and being the South African merc – are both very specific, goal oriented fake identities designed to infiltrate groups targeted by the FBI. Furthermore, there is no evidence of him telling complex lies outside of these false identities. So there is no evidence that he is a pathological liar. There is evidence that he creates fake identities to infiltrate movements targeted by feds.

You have to wonder what kind of corner you’re backed into when your surrogates are out there saying “no well, he’s just a pathological liar…” – but even that is actually impossible.

So, who knows? Maybe this is all just some kind of massive… coincidence? 

One thing we do know is that none of this is going to be answered by Mike Enoch, and if you ask about it, he will accuse you of being mentally ill and an agent of the SPLC and then swear to never mention any of it again.

Oh and Hey – Do You Remember Eli Mosley?

Eli Mosley was a top commandant in the structure of the TRS/Richard Spencer/Alt-Right empire. He was exposed by the New York Times as having lied about his military record.

He was immediately and unceremoniously fired. Jayoh De La Rey was actually involved in his firing.

So apparently, within the TRS structure, if people get caught lying, they get fired. But Jim Object – according to Mike Peinovich – has lied about being a heroin dealer, a tranny-fucker, a multiple felon, an FBI informant on the run in South America AND about being a nigger-hunting mercenary in South Africa. But he’s not being fired.

Anyone who suggests he should be fired is mentally ill and working for the SPLC, according to Mike Peinovich.

If Eli Mosley can be fired and Jim Object can’t be fired, then what is the difference? Well, the obvious reason one would speculate that Jim Object couldn’t be fired is that he’s a cop.

The Utter Lack of Transparency

What the hell kind of situation is it where a dissident political organization has a hard policy of ZERO TRANSPARENCY. TheRightStuff.Biz literally has less transparency than Al Sharpton – that isn’t hyperbole or a joke, it’s an obvious statement of fact. They are running their organization like they’ve got a CIA black budget.

If there were answers to any of this, they would be given. There aren’t any answers. They instead attack you, call you insane, call you an SPLC agent. Because you asked.

Understand: accusing me and others who ask these questions doesn’t make these questions go away any more than blocking people and deleting comments makes these questions go away.

This is happening.

If I myself am a completely schizoid mad hatter having a threesome with Morris Dees and his step daughter as I type this, that does not somehow make the Jim Object podcast stop existing.

Mike Enoch is lying, he is covering up all kinds of absolutely disgusting and extreme ethical violations, and this whole thing is now undeniable.

And all of these people are guilty. Everyone associated with this organization is engaging in an open and public conspiracy of silence. Everyone. All of them. They are all guilty. Period.

If you do not get the hell away from these people at this point, you deserve whatever happens to you.

Seriously – find some new podcasts to listen to. If worse comes to worst, listen to Rush Limbaugh. At least he doesn’t fuck trannies and report to the feds.

If you’re involved in TRS groups, find some new friends. Do whatever you have to do to get away from these people. They will destroy you.

“But You’re Infighting?”

This is literal fed infiltration cancer. There is no “infighting,” there is no “drama.” This is federal agents attempting to destroy you.

Everyone knows that I’ve never engaged in any “drama.”

I have only ever been serious. I have only ever voiced serious concerns. Ever.

For calling out TRS fednats, I make zero apologies.

How to Get Away?

Well, if they have your name on a TRS list, I would demand that it be removed from that list. I seriously doubt that Jim Object is going to do that. But you could at least demand it. Canceling whatever subscription you have now might help, somehow. Rather than staying on their lists as a paying customer. Even if they won’t delete your name (and they won’t – sorry).

Beyond that, if you’re involved in their real life groups, cut yourself off completely.

I don’t know your situation, maybe you have friends you’ve met there who you think you can escape with, but from what I’m seeing from the outside, this shit is so absolutely filthy, with literal cops running it, that I can’t imagine doing anything other than making a clean break, John Wick style.

What you people need to understand is that every single Democrat candidate has vowed to round up and prosecute White Nationalists for their beliefs.

Remember that Eric Striker and Mike Enoch are saying it’s good if Warren is elected…!

They are going to get these lists, like TRS subscriber lists, and they are going to come visit you. This is the world we live in now.

So I mean – your call.

It’s your life.

But this would scare the hell out of me.