Still Mad That No One Will Rape Her, Jess Phillips Demands She be Made PM Because She’s a Woman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

Jess Phillips: The “Unraped” is still trying to facilitate a rape of herself.

Jess Phillips is most famous for spinning into a rage when Sargon of Akkad refused to rape her. She called the police on him over it.

Now, still unraped, she is continuing her journey to find someone willing to rape her.

In her quest to get raped, she is demanding that she be made Prime Minister because she is a woman. It is unknown if she believes that these statements will get her raped or if she believes the office of Prime Minister will put her in situations where she is likely to be raped.

Previously, other women have used the office of PM to try to get raped.

Experts speculate that it is probably a bit of both.


Twitter has not taken kindly to a suggestion by Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips that men should “pass the mic” and elect a woman to the party’s top job, with Piers Morgan among many who slammed her “sexist claptrap.”

Phillips made the comments in a Sunday interview with Sky News. Asked if men needed to “step aside sometimes” in order to further women’s representation in politics, the leadership challenger said that “sometimes passing the mic is the greatest way to show that you truly believe in something.”

She added that if Labour failed to put a woman in the top job it would “look bad”  and “embarrassing” – and even hand “ammunition” to political opponents who she said were “laughing at” the party. While other UK political parties, including the Conservatives, have had female leaders, Labour has never elected a woman.

On Twitter, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was quick to remind Phillips that the UK had been led for the previous three years by a female “who was useless” – referring to former PM Theresa May. “The best candidate (in any profession) should get the top job – not ‘the best woman,’” Morgan wrote.

I wish Jess well in her quest.

However, it should be pointed out that it is very difficult to get raped when you have her face.

Let alone this body, which is literally like something out of hell.


I’m not sure that even as Prime Minister, she would be able to successfully facilitate her own rape.

However, as PM she would be able to bring even more Somalian migrants to London, which will increase her chances of finally getting what she’s demanded.