Stfu You Dumb Ugly Skanks – MakeApp is REAL

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017

I’ve seen a lot of stupid ass ugly skanks claiming that MakeApp isn’t real and they’re not really worthless, ugly people who deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in a cages.

Well, whores: read em and weep.

That right there is proof positive that MakeApp is real and all of the bitches posting images claiming “NO THIS IS THE REAL ME WITHOUT MAKEUP – MAKEAPP IS A LIE!!!!111” are just doubling down on their hoax.

They are posting images with makeup and saying they are without makeup – or just saying that MakeApp is fake and that they don’t have to show you their real face because it’s like rape.

The fact is that women who are actually attractive have nothing to fear from MakeApp.

However, most women are not actually attractive and they have been hoaxing that they are. Indeed, most women are ugly as shit. If they are allowed to leave their cages to get food to cook for their masters, they should be forced to wear burkas.

The party is over.

Your denials fall on deaf ears.

And no, skanks – that actress is not a real robot. She is Ana De Armas, one of the rare women on the planet who is not ugly.

The fact that you are ugly doesn’t mean you deserve to be raped, chopped up and fed to alligators. It just means that you do not deserve to fuck 6 million chads. You do not deserve to feel you are important. You deserve only the PRIVILEGE of serving a single man who is as average as you are (though not as ugly because the average man is nowhere near as ugly as the average woman).

You should be grateful for that.

The jig is up and it isn’t coming back down. The men know.

MakeApp set us free.

So listen up, ugly ass whores: make a peaceful transition to your cages. You have fucked up our work for long enough.

We need you to silently get the hell out of the way.

Because it is serious business time now.