“STFU” Now Appropriate in Mainstream Media News Headlines

POLITICO has an article up by one Natasha Korecki entitled “Biden’s strategy for Trump’s impeachment: Sit back and STFU.”

The most immediate thing one notices about this headline is that this is Joe Biden’s strategy for everything, so it is almost strange to point it out. The second thing noted is that this is an ostensibly adult publication, POLITICO, and it is using an acronym for “shut the fuck up” in a headline.

The woman, Korecki, is a healthy-at-any-size millennial (with totally healthy sausage-sized fingers).

This article was not published as an op-ed, but was instead published in the news section of the site.

Korecki is literally a White House correspondent, according to her bio on POLITICO.

This is going to become the new normal, as millennials begin to take charge of things: everything is going to become totally unserious and cringe “cool” and “hip” and “with it, man.”

The average millennial male did not ever grow up. He did not ever develop adult skills or an adult understanding of the world. The primary marker of this generation is that they were sheltered from competition, which means they don’t have a clear understanding of hierarchy or of basic value measurements, let alone the concept of pride in personal accomplishments. They live in an Easter bunny style fantasy realm.

Millennial women are obviously worse, but women were always horrible, and never should have been involved in public life at all (however, in the early years of women being involved in public life, they were attempting to mimic the behavior of men). Most of the millennial white women did not have children, and if they did, they probably didn’t raise it. This means that they never developed past adolescence.

We can mock the boomers all we want. And we can blame them for creating the world that created millennials. But the reality of the matter is that millennials are worse than boomers. They are literally useless bags of flesh. Virtually none of them have marketable skills, virtually none of them have experienced “the real world” as adults. The few that do have something akin to an adult life, with marriage and children, with a real job in a real trade or profession that involves real skills, are still a part of the milieu of unseriousness and inane unreality.

Gen X was hardly even engaged in society at all. You really don’t hardly see them. I remember thinking when the Brett Kavanaugh drama was going on that he was the first gen Xer to take up a serious role in government. However, millennials will take up a serious role, but they will treat it with a total lack of seriousness, which is going to continue to add a layer of surreal stupidity to our ever dissolving reality.

The bottom line is that millennial men (like all women, ever) very strongly associate stated beliefs with fashion and social status, and their idea of social status is incoherent, given that they’ve never been involved in competition (which is the natural determiner of social status). If there are no stakes in anything, then nothing is valuable, and nothing is sacred. Without hierarchy, you have a herd, and people stampeding to agree with one another (again, again: the basic thing is that millennial men think and act like women have always thought and acted).