Steve Scully, Failed Moderator for Botched Second Debate, Fired for Lying About Being Hacked

The hack journalist Steve Scully has been fired by C-SPAN for lying about a tweet he sent, saying he was hacked.

The incident happened when the debate was still on. It has now been canceled, because Joe Biden is afraid of catching the flu and Trump won’t do a Zoom debate.

C-SPAN, weirdly, released Scully’s statement alongside their own statement in a single press release.

Scully’s statement said: “Out of frustration, I sent a brief tweet addressed to Anthony Scaramucci. The next morning when I saw that this tweet had created a new controversy, I falsely claimed that my Twitter account had been hacked.”

This is after C-SPAN went to bat for Scully.

The known moron Sean Spicer also believed the hoax.

Scully, who has been around forever, sent a tweet to Anthony Scaramucci, an Italian attention whore who briefly worked at the White House and is now a Trump critic.

The tweet read: “should I respond to trump.”

It appeared as though it was intended to be a private message.

Claiming hacking was idiotic.

It was also generally idiotic to ask this, even in a private message.

It’s not clear what he was even asking about responding to from Trump. Trump had mentioned a few times that he was not going to be fair, and had also repeatedly called for Joe Rogan to be the moderator (which I think would have been ideal, frankly, as he is as close to impartial as it gets in the mainstream).

The most recent time Trump had mentioned Scully was on Sean Hannity on the 8th, about an hour before the botched PM.

Why would Scully think it would be a good idea to respond to Trump on Twitter, before the debate, where he claimed he was going to be an impartial moderator? Why would he even entertain that thought?

Scaramucci responded with the obvious reply.

What Scully should have said – and what, frankly, was probably true – is that he was on Ambien.

Most people have taken Ambien, or at least known someone who has taken it, and acted really weird and then forgotten they did it. Everyone gets the thing and probably would forgive him, or just say “yeah, okay, whatever.” It explains both why he was thinking about responding to Trump and why he accidentally sent a public tweet instead of a PM.

It also fits right in terms of the time of day. If he’s an early morning guy, especially if he commutes in Washington, he could take the pill at 9:00, then be in the delusional waking dream state by 9:45.

What a fool. Now his life is destroyed.

He’s getting mocked badly on TV.

He’s totally humiliated.

He worked for 30 years at C-SPAN.

He was going to have his big time to shine at the debate, auditioning for a big anchor position, and a week later his life is a total wreck, with the president dancing on the grave of his destroyed career.

Here’s the lesson: only Jews can get away with the “hacked” excuse.

If you’re a goy, just say Ambien.

That’s free crisis management advice from the world’s top expert.