Steve Scalise on FOX News: “Last Year ICE Agents Saved Over 900 Kids From Human Trafficking”

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2018

Last year House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in an SPLC motivated leftist domestic terror attack. Following his recovery Steve is back on board the Trump train and recently went on FOX News talking about imminent government shutdown and border wall funding.

He said:

And what the president has said is: ‘Look if you are seeking asylum there is a legal way to do it’. But frankly, the people that are in this caravan were offered asylum and jobs by the Mexican government and they turned that down. So it’s not about asylum. This is about the rule of law. There is a legal way to come to America, just follow that process. Don’t be part of a caravan that’s, again, infiltrated by a lot of convicted criminals and potential terrorists. Every day, on average, about ten known terrorists try to enter America. This is about keeping America safe.

Last year our ICE agents, which Pelosi wants to get rid of, ICE actually saved more than 900 kids from human trafficking.

It’s not about asylum, they reject job offers, many convicted criminals and known terrorists among them and the Jew Schumer is still trying to explain to us that this is not an invasion.

Scalise talks about recently discussing the issue with President Trump, saying that this is what Trump ran on, keeping America safe, building the wall and he is committed to fulfilling this promise. He currently wants to pass a bill including a $5 billion down payment for the construction of the wall.

We want that wall.

Build it!