Steve King Doubles Down on Supremacy of the White Race!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2016

We missed this.

Rep Steve King of Iowa, speaking to the Washington Post, doubled down on his declaration of the supremacy of the White race.

Western civilization is the most successful civilization the world has ever seen. And some of the reasons for that is it’s borrowed from other cultures along the way, back to Mosaic law, the Greek age of reason, Roman law and the Roman order of government, and the Republican form of government, by the way that we’re guaranteed in our constitution. The foundation of our ideological thought is rooted in the enlightenment of Europe and then this country was born at the dawn of the industrial revolution.

The sum total that’s been contributed by Western civilization, it surpasses any other culture of civilization, party because we borrowed from them along the way, and we’re flexible enough to do that. And so I don’t think we should apologize for our success.

Here’s when he said it on Monday.

If it wasn’t for his shilling for Israel, I would absolutely believe King was a secret Hitler-lover.

But maybe the shilling for Israel is just part of the disguise…?