Steve Bannon Stands Up for America Against the Zionist Dragon

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2017

Goldfarb, Kristol, Singer – Steve Bannon is starting to name the names behind the GOP’s war on the American people. Voters have shown the GOP what they want (Trump and Roy Moore), and all the establishment does is undermine them.

Why is the GOP establishment so disconnected from its voters? The answer is Jewish money.

Paul Singer is a top GOP donor and anti-Trump Wall Street parasite in charge of $30 billion dollars in assets. Just to get an idea what this kleptocrat is all about, Singer is Paul Ryan’s top financer, was the point man behind the controversial “Gang of 8” amnesty bill (where he and fellow Jew George Soros even tried to create a fake pro-immigration Evangelical group to try and reduce white resistance), bribed the GOP into throwing the fight against “gay marriage,” and even got together with other Jews (Kristol, Goldfarb, et al) to procure the “Russia dossier” forgery accusing Trump of being blackmailed by a Kremlin pee tape!

What is the point of an elected government if it only does the bidding of a few Jewish billionaires?

Bannon recently announced his intent to help Trump defeat the influence the Jew Singer’s money has in Washington, and appears to be winning a number of battles.

Roy Moore in Alabama was a big one. Various GOP establishment groups receiving large amounts of money from Singer spent millions of dollars trying to prop up Moore’s opponent Luther Strange – including with vicious anti-Moore ads – but still failed.

After emerging victorious in his primary, Moore was accused by Leigh Corfman of sexual misconduct. But this character is clearly being put up to it, and it’s not the first time either.

Despite the accuser’s lack of credibility, the National Republican Senatorial Committee rushed to sabotage Moore’s fundraising abilities at an inopportune time. The NRSC’s top contributor is – you guessed it – Singer’s Elliot Management!

It just so happens that the top recipients of NRSC cash in 2016 are all vocal anti-Trump critics: Roy Blunt (MO), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), Joe Heck (NV), et al. These individuals only make their voters angry by attacking Trump, which leads us to conclude they’re just doing it to please their Jewish money connections.

Most of the pond scum that floats around in our Congress gets into office to meet Jews that can hook them up with lobbying and finance jobs. Trump’s ban on lobbying and the fact that figures like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer are reducing their financial support for the GOP means a lot of our politicians are confused as to what they’re even supposed to do in Washington now.

The wave of GOP retirements is fueled by this new reality. Twenty-Nine Republican congressmen have announced that they won’t be running for re-election in 2018, most of them useless assholes from the Paul Ryan/Singer wing. They are leaving thanks to Bannon’s insurrectionist campaign to primary cucks out. This is forcing them to pick between serving their donors or serving the people now that TV ads and fake news from the Washington Post are no longer enough to win.

The latest is Virginia’s Bob Goodlatte, who after 13 terms is calling it quits. His parting smooch on Hymie’s ass is leading an Anti-Defamation League campaign to make criticism of Israel illegal on college campuses. Imagine a world where there are congressional hearings about Harvard professor (((Noel Ignatiev))) openly advocating for the genocide of European descended people!

Now that Bannon has openly declared war on the Jews paying the GOP not to represent the people, they are doing what they do best: threats and intimidation.

Bannon has somehow managed to bring billionaire Robert Mercer over to his vision, and the Jews have noticed. They managed to push Mercer out of his own hedge fund.

Mercer doesn’t appear to be totally giving up on Bannon. Bannon’s battles have gone from victory to victory, but time will tell if his benefactors will be able to weather Jewish assaults.

The cold war between Bannon and Paul Singer is only getting started. 2018 will decide whether the GOP is the party of its voters, or the party of Elliot Management.

Whatever happens, we must put aside our ideological differences with Bannon and support his noble struggle.