Steve Bannon Says 50% of Black Men Will Vote GOP in 2022

Oh, Lord – have mercy on me.

Blacks voted for Donald Trump at a higher rate than they would vote for any other Republican. They liked Trump, specifically, because of his personality.

There is no way they are going to vote for Republicans in any significant numbers in the future, and this thinking is the reason we’re where we are now.

By the way – “where we are now” is a place where the Democrats have total control over the government and are already actively hoaxing elections.

Trump’s focus on blacks in the run-up to 2020 was a monumental waste of time, probably, though we won’t ever know because the election was hoaxed. Even in the states where the election wasn’t flipped, we don’t have good data because they still did massive mail-in ballot hoaxing.

So, to be clear: no one serious is talking about elections at all. Someone talking about blacks in elections is beyond unserious, reaching into cartoon realms.

Steve Bannon’s utter ineptitude is truly incredible.