Steve Bannon Rallies California GOP While Ripping Zionist Terrorist George W. Bush

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2017

Former President George W. Bush reacted rather poorly to Mr. Bannon’s comments.

Steve Bannon spoke at the California GOP state convention the other day. The headlines out of the speech revolved around what he said about the Zionist terrorist George W. Bush.

He said that Bush embarrassed himself with his speech bashing Donald Trump.  There’s certainly no arguing that point. He’s 100 percent correct. Bush’s speech, while appearing to be highly planned and coordinated, was intellectually foolish. Bush supported all sorts of insane wars for Jews while pushing horrible trade deals that turned the United States into a shell of its former self. He helped create the horrible situation that Trump is dealing with today.

Outside of the Bush comments, Bannon’s speech was interesting. He’s actually a very engaging and authentic speaker. One could say that he’s a more valuable asset to Trump outside the White House versus inside the White House.

Reportedly, the two stay in touch, which indicates that Bannon’s departure as Trump’s Chief Strategist was part of a plan. Bannon even referred to himself as Trump’s wingman outside the White House during his speech which reinforced this notion.

Even though Bannon is not pushing an ethnic nationalist agenda, the brand of Trump populism he supports is an important vehicle that can help get us to where we ultimately want to be. His statements about the importance of “winning” and “victory” ring true. Ultimately, “victory” is only thing that matters. Without “victory” nothing else is possible.

Bannon’s war against the Republican establishment is of critical importance.

Bannon’s war on the Republican establishment is very important. It will ultimately determine if Trump is able to accomplish big things in his first term as President. He already has one win under his belt. Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama was huge. The Republican establishment threw $30 million supporting Luther Strange’s campaign and they lost by 10 points. We need similar types of victories around the country. Most critically, we need victories in the Senate.

Destroying what’s left of the Republican establishment is of great importance. It will provide a path for us to finally begin having real discussions about ethnic nationalism, race and how we are going to deal with the Jewish infestation of our nation.