Steve Bannon Indicted by Federal Grand Jury for Failing to Comply with Liz Cheney

Steve Bannon has been indicted by a federal grand jury for refusing to comply with Liz Cheney’s anti-white terror hoax. Bannon was held in “contempt of Congress” for not answering a subpoena from Queen Liz’s January 6 commission.

The indictment was released Friday, three weeks after Liz declared Bannon in contempt of her fake court. The committee is mostly Democrats.

Bannon could face a year in prison according to the Justice Department.

The DOJ has consistently refused to indict people for this fake crime, and the last time they did was 40 years ago, as the tribal Jew Laurence Tribe noted vindictively.

Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the charges himself, falsely claiming that he believes in the rule of law.

Among others, the black weirdo Eric Holder was never charged for this.

The Jew Adam Schiff announced that he is coming for all of the goyim who dare question the absolute power of the Democrat Party, and also promoted a stupid conspiracy theory.

The ridiculous Cheney committee is actively promoting the baseless theory that the January 6 event was a planned insurrection.

In fact, as every reader here knows, the event was a staged hoax by the FBI. Revolver News recently published yet another article proving this, focusing on the fed instigator Ray Epps.

The issue of Ray Epps was brought up to the Jew Garland by Thomas Massie last month, when Garland refused to answer if the FBI planned the entire event.

I infamously said on the night of the event, just hours after it happened, that it was a staged hoax by the FBI. The only thing that has changed since then is that something that was self-evidently true is now heavily documented.

The disgusting old hag Cheney has falsely claimed that this event was not a false flag.

Note that she is drawing that conclusion before his investigation is done, which yet again proves that the investigation is a hoax and a gigantic political persecution.

The point is: none of that matters. The government is now totally unleashed, and unrestrained by anything at all. There is nothing protecting people from the government anymore. There are no checks or balances. They can just do whatever they want.

It’s a brutal free-for-all, and you’re next.

Whatever you think of Steve Bannon, he did not plan an insurrection, and Liz Cheney has no right to accuse him of that or try to frame him for it.