Steve Bannon Banned for Advocating Chopping Off the Heads of Fauci and FBI Director

Steve Bannon was banned from YouTube and Twitter on Thursday for advocating for chopping off the heads of Virus Master Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

He said it in a metaphorical and jokey way that probably would have been appropriate a decade ago. He is too drunk to remember that it isn’t appropriate now.

Silencing Steve Bannon is actually one censorship decision that is probably good for the right-wing. I’m against all censorship of course, but just from a standpoint of reality, the man has been a total mess for a long time and has done a lot of damage.

I have zero idea what the point of him doing that book with that Jew was. Then he started promoting the idea that he was the new leader of China, and pushing that China is the number one enemy. I get accused of being a China shill, but whatever the case, China is not the number one enemy, and in fact it’s a distraction from the real enemies, who are inside the United States.

Bannon then torpedoed the Hunter Biden email scandal by publishing sex pictures and making it all about weird sex scandals. /pol/ was taken over with threads about these sex videos, and stupid theories, and the actual important stuff all got buried. I have no idea why Steve Bannon thought that video of Hunter Biden smoking crack and getting a footjob from a prostitute would help Trump’s campaign. That is both weird and wacky.

Bannon seemed not to be able to handle the pressure of the White House. He did a good job with Breitbart, and then I guess with the early campaign. But then he just lost it. Now he’s totally out in lunatic world with Falun Gong, hawking footjob vids.

Overall, Bannon should be a warning about alcoholism for everyone. He was in a position where he really could have changed the world for the better, and he just totally fell apart. We should all look at Bannon, and we should all drink a little less.