Stephen Miller is Allegedly In Charge of the Cuck Cleansing of DHS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

Trump fired Kristjen “Rough Rider” Nielsen after withdrawing his pick for ICE head.

Now he’s fired the head of the Secret Service, a department under DHS.

Apparently, Stephen Miller is running this whole show.

The Guardian:

As news broke of the abrupt departure of Kirstjen Nielsen, Donald Trump’s second homeland security secretary, reports swiftly followed that the move had been orchestrated by Stephen Miller, one of the administration’s sharpest anti-immigration voices.

Nielsen’s resignation on Sunday, following months of speculation, cast a spotlight on the forces behind the president’s controversial policies on immigration, where Miller has been shown to be squarely at the center of influence.

The senior adviser and speechwriter is the architect of some of the most restrictive components of Trump’s immigration agenda.

Bolstered by Trump’s frustration over promises including building a border wall and slashing legal immigration, Miller is poised to usher more hardliners into the administration, seeking to turn rhetoric into results.

But some immigration experts said the White House may soon learn that the challenge is not one of personnel, but one of policy and expectations.

“It’s fine for a White House adviser to have an outsize role in policy so long as there are demonstrable results,” said Rory Cooper, a Republican operative who played a central role in creating the homeland security department.

“But right now, we’ve got seeming chaos around the department emanating from the West Wing.”

Miller, 33, has been a prominent figure inside the White House since the first days of Trump’s presidency. He crafted the first iteration of Trump’s travel ban against Muslim-majority countries, which also indefinitely suspended the US refugee program, a move that sparked chaos and confusion at airports across the country.

A rebuke from the courts followed but Miller, who famously dismissed the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty which welcomes migrants to American shores, was undeterred.

The Nazi race hater of pure evil insulted the sacred statue poem!

That happened two years ago, but they will never print an article about this guy without mentioning that. Because it is considered a form of blasphemy.

It is amazing the way they keep unironically quoting the (((Emma Lazarus))) Statue of Liberty poem as if it is the law of the land. This poem was put on there by a Jewish group 20 years after the official dedication of the statue.

Mentioning this poem as if it is a law or a guiding principle of the country is on par with saying “diversity is our greatest strength” or “enriching our culture” – and those phrases they’ve cut out almost completely because they became too ridiculous, due to people using them ironically to mock the mindless sloganeering of the Jewish Propaganda Industrial Complex.

It is very important to throw these people’s words back at them.

I’m going to start working on the poem, see if we can’t get it put in the same category as “enriching our culture.”

The Miller Plan is something that looks good. And would be good if it actually happened.

Stephen Miller is the last person in the White House that has any sense about him.

But after reading Kushner, Inc. (which I am publishing a long review of in parts this week, first part here), and generally taking a step back and looking at the progress of this administration and the behavior and decision making of Donald Trump, I feel I have a pretty good understanding of how these West Wing drama shakeups work, and what is going on right now.

What I think is that Miller was able to catch Trump’s ear, somehow, and explain to him that his base is collapsing. I’m sure Miller is aware of this site, aware of the meme brigades on Twitter, and certainly aware of the backlash taking place on Breitbart. He told him “look, your base is freaking out about your talk of more immigrants, they’re freaking out about you doing nothing on the border, you’re basically going to lose in 2020 if all of this isn’t fixed starting right now.”

And he gave it to Trump in a way that moved him, so Trump said “okay, I want you to do what needs to be done to fix this.”

So you got the visit to the border, the pull of the ICE pick, and a round of firings.

But I can guarantee you that Jared and Ivanka are already planning a response to this. And I can guarantee you that eventually, their response will be able to change Trump’s mind, and get him back on track. The entire story of the Trump administration is the story of Jared Kushner repeatedly redirecting him down the wrong path by manipulating him, using Ivanka and his entire staff against him.

The only way that Stephen Miller is going to be able to put Trump permanently on the right path is if Jared and Ivanka are fired. And I do not see that happening.

Even if Kris Kobach is made head of DHS – and I’m sure he’s Miller’s pick – Jared will just make sure he is sidelined and incapable of accomplishing anything.

Trying to fix the Trump Administration while Jared is in the White House is like trying to mop a floor when sewage is pumping up through the drain. You might briefly clear up one section, but as soon as you move to the next section, the clear section is dirty again.