Stephan Molyneux: The War on Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2015

This is another pretty good video from Stephan Molyneux.

I kinda feel bad for making that post about his old, weird cult material, because he doesn’t really seem to be promoting that “hate your parents” stuff anymore, and he does have a lot to offer on a lot of different topics.

This video contains a lot of gibberish, but still.  It’s a very good sign.

I could never fully endorse the man, given that I find his political views wacky and dumb, but on social issues, he really gives a lot of great information.

He has yet to go super-hardcore on the race issue, but you see he is leaning that direction.  As an intelligent person, he must understand how ridiculous this is.  The problem is that he could never back off of the libertarianism, as he is too committed to it, and so he could not ever be totally on our side.

But it is fantastic that these issues we discuss here are now entering into other movements.