Stefan Molyneux Banned from YouTube in Latest Purge

With churches closed, private industry prohibited, the borders shut down and the ongoing cultural revolution, some people are asking themselves: Is there any difference between this system and the 20th century Communist revolutions?

Yes. Communism was sloppier.

The Communist revolutionaries had to fight civil wars against the forces of the old society, because at that time there were still men who were willing to fight for their world. They understood what was going on, because they did not have information technology.

It was a messy business. Millions died.

Back then, when they purged the intellectuals, they really purged them. Now, they just ban them.


YouTube intellectual Stefan Molyneux has seen his channel of 14 years and thousands of videos deleted, with the platform citing “hate speech” as a number of online venues take aim at conservative and right-wing personalities.

Molyneux – the host of Freedomain Radio, billed as “the world’s number one philosophy show” – was booted off YouTube on Monday over its policies regulating “hate speech,” according to a company statement. His termination came amid a broader social media purge throughout the day, which saw prominent Trump-related accounts banned on Reddit and Twitch, as well as other right-wingers scrubbed from YouTube for good.

Well, at least it’s not the government, but rather, a perfectly coordinated corporate mafia, which is acting in league with the government to ban us from using public infrastructure.

“We have strict policies prohibiting hate speech on YouTube, and terminate any channel that repeatedly or egregiously violates those policies,” a YouTube spokesperson told The Verge about Monday’s bans, adding that a policy change last year has driven a surge of similar deletions.

Previously boasting nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds of millions of video views, Molyneux has launched a campaign to reinstate the channel, calling on his followers to inundate the company with pleas to have his account revived. In a video statement posted on Twitter, Molyneux insisted the charges against him are baseless, stating there is a “highly coordinated effort” to silence “dissidents,” comparing his ban to a “book burning.”

Like a chicken with its head cut off – he can’t think of any way to respond but to beg his audience to beg YouTube on his behalf.

They will just say no.

“The accusation is the usual one, that I am fomenting violence and hatred and so on, which is not true at all,” he said, adding that he has always called to resolve social disputes with “reason and evidence,” rather than violence.

The time for reason is over, Stefan.

Through decades of infiltration and scientific psychological manipulation, they have won without fighting.

Their victory is flawless.

It’s hard to believe Molyneux was finally banned. It actually feels surreal.

He’s been around since forever. He was one of the first big political YouTube channels, and back before that he was using his YouTube channel to run a cult (he stopped running a cult as far as I’m aware, though he never apologized for engaging in weird behavior on the internet).

Let’s make sure we don’t lose the forest for the trees here, and understand: all of this is about preventing Donald Trump from winning the election. It is open, aggressive election-meddling.

More people will be banned before the election. Probably July will be another big banocaust month, I’m thinking. That will leave them with three months to just drill people’s brains with their agenda. Then they’re probably going to have a mail-in election anyway, so it won’t matter. But everyone will be banned when the killing really starts.