Stefan Moneyjew Complains About Shutting Down of Free Speech – Will Not Mention Stormer

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2017

So Molyneux, you complain about how free speech is being shut down.

Why do you refuse to mention the largest case of censorship in human history?

It’s not as if you’re completely ignoring the fact that everything you are supposedly worried about is happening right in front of you or anything.

I guess the shekels from JewTube and however else you milk your enlightened centrist audience are too good to risk.

It doesn’t matter – they’re coming for you.


After yesterday’s call for people to ask Molyneux why he refuses to mention the Stormer, It has been confirmed on Gab that Molyneux is hardblocking the words “Andrew Anglin” from his comments section on YouTube. If you type “Andrew Anglin” in a comment, you will be able to see your comment, but if you log out it will be gone.

What is going on here?

What is his purpose?

Other YouTubers have mentioned our situation, and not been banned for it, so don’t tell me he can’t say, “I don’t agree with Nazis, but they should have a right to freedom of speech.” He obviously can say that.

But he is not.