Stefan Molyneux on “White Privilege” – is This Dude About to Go Full Nazi?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2014

Here is another great and hardcore video by the weird Libertarian extremist Stefan Molyneux.

Last time I posted one of his videos, someone said he is a Jew. I don’t think he actually is. Or at least I haven’t seen any evidence, and he certainly doesn’t look Jewish. Plus in that video where he read the Talmud quotes, he never mentioned anything about being Jewish.

I will say again that I think his economic theories are silly, but I am happy he is pushing this material. Herein, he even goes out of his way to talk about the Jew role in the slave trade, and even uses the term “Jewish Privilege.” He also defends Whites, on a very straight-up and factual basis.

All of this indicates he is apparently pandering to us, which I am in full support of.

Ultimately, what this indicates is that the narrative of the mainstream is veering abruptly to the right. Molyneux understands his audience, and understands the meaning of the word “edgy.” His continual shuffle to the far right demonstrates the way the baseline of the Western subculture is heading.

It’s brilliant.

Molyneux, if you have the balls, give us your opinion on the alleged Jew Holocaust. Herein you make the idiot claim that it actually happened, but I am rather certain you know it didn’t. I am hereby daring you to do a video on it. We will support you, and we are the most popular internet group ever.