Stefan Molyneux on Ben Shapiro and His Jew Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

Formerly Alt-Lite and now hardcore CHRISTIAN SOLDIER Stefan Molyneux has one of the most FIRE Twitter accounts out there.

He’s burning bridges left and right, because he has the Holy Spirit in him now.

He is pulling zero punches, and this week called out the Jewish tricks artist Ben Shapiro, who is pushing for endless war in the Middle East and whining about President Trump’s announcement of a pullout from Syria.

Molyneux is absolutely correct that Shapiro’s entire “shtick” is a hoax. He argues with feminists, talks about trannies, whatever whatever stupid inane bullshit that was created by other Jews, so he can attempt to manipulate White Christians into fighting endless wars for Israel. That is his only goal.

Oh. And he’s supposed to make conservatives believe that “not all Jews are liberal.” (Even though no anti-Semite has ever made that claim specifically, it is usually how low-level grug-brained conservatives want to view the issue. Jews are “liberal.” In actual fact, it is more accurate to describe Jews as “evil,” in that they mainly only want to harm Christians and promote a weird satanic religious agenda in the Middle East.)

For those of us who have followed Molyneux for the last ten years (or more for some of you), his transformation is quite a thing to see.

It is a truly inspiring character arc.

And a reminder that inspiring character arcs still exist.

The fact that Christianity is what drove Molyneux to embrace the TRUTH should give all of you heathens out there pause.

If we’re going to war – and believe me, we are – we’d better send the Cross of Jesus on before.