Stefan Molyneux Brilliantly Breaks Down Ebola Crisis, Africa and White Guilt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2014

I used to really dislike Stefan Molyneux. Then I saw that video he did about the Jews where he read all those verses from the Talmud, and gained quite a bit of respect.

Now I have seen the above video about the Ebola madness, and must say – I like the guy.

I still think his political/economic views are completely childish and ridiculous, but this is yet another fantastic bit of analysis that cannot be denied.

You’ve also got to respect him for being able to do a monologue like this without cuts and hardly ever caught looking at note. It is a great performance.

“We’ve gotta stop treating Africa like the retarded child of the planet” is my favorite quote of the week. The whole video is basically explaining to any of his liberal followers just how stupid Black people are, as well as the horrible way that Western aid just make their situation worse.

Intelligent people can disagree and debate about macro-political and economic concepts, but they cannot disagree about the idiot nature of political correctness. Anyone who believes in political correctness is either stupid, or getting paid to believe in it.