Stefan Molyneux Banned from Twitter, Days After YouTube Ban – Now Totally Banned from the Internet

Where once Stefan Molyneux had a Twitter account, now there is only the page of death, a stark tombstone hardly memorializing the grand Twitter account that is no more.

On July 30, we reported that he had been banned from YouTube.

It took about a week for Twitter to follow suit. I guess they wanted to wait that long so that the headlines would not be that the social media cartel had banned him from every single platform simultaneously.

Banning Stefan Molyneux is “not an argument.”

The time for arguments is over.

The people they have not banned can now claim whatever they want about anything, and Molyneux will not be able to respond, because he is banned.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Facebook to get rid of him. They are the slower part of that machine, but they’ll probably get around to it soon enough.

All in all, this is much more civilized than the original communist Cultural Revolutions, where they banned counter-revolutionary intellectuals from real life, using bullets. This way is cleaner – but it does the same thing, doesn’t it? Either way, they’re gone.

Presently, Molyneux is still posting on Bitchute.

We’ll see if that platform lasts until the election. In all likelihood, it will not. The process of grabbing a domain is already well established, and it is further established that if your domain is taken, there is nothing you can do about it. You don’t have recourse. Even if you get the domain back, there will be no place for you to host it.

We missed out on defending freedom of speech when people like Stefan Molyneux decided to not defend the banning of the Daily Stormer. Since then, it’s just been a slow drive to remove everyone who is known to be supportive of Donald Trump.

When the decision comes down, you do not have any form of recourse, anymore than during any other cultural revolution you had recourse when dragged out of your home at night.

Your blue checkmark, Stefan? It’s just been revoked.