Steam Permabans Russian User, Blocks His Library for “Extreme Racism”

It appears that Steam, the one hold-out in a universe of censorship, is beginning to crack.

This comes after the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group, began making moves against them.

This is a very sad day.

One Angry Gamer:

A Russian Steam user going by the handle lcompote found himself permanently banned from the Steam community and from accessing his game library after Valve dropped the hammer on him for “extreme racist spam”.

Over the course of several years, dating back to 2017, lcompote (who brandished the Steam screen name of President Trump) made various comments and shared criticism about certain games without holding back how he felt.

You can view the entire album containing the times the Steam moderators removed his comments or took action against his account, which eventually led up to a permanent ban, and his inability to access all the games he had acquired on his account over the years. While some of the moderator comments are in Cyrillic, the comments that he made in the threads are in English.

The Imgur album is here.

Basically, he just called people cucks and faggots all the time, which in all fairness they probably were. The fact that this isn’t actually very extreme might mean that they’re coming for all of us, soon. Or maybe it really was spam? We shall have to wait for the truth of the matter to be uncovered.

As you can see from the screenshots, lcompote was mostly reprimanded for replying to other users in threads about games he played, ranging from Ring of Elysium and Draugen to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dying Light: Bad Blood. His inclusion of profanity triggered the moderators something fierce.

After his latest run-in with Steam support, lcompote found himself in a back-and-forth with the support representative, and they not only permanently banned him from the Steam community but also blocked him from logging into his account or accessing his game library back on February 28th, 2020.

And now whenever he tries to get into his account, he gets this error message:

I like how right next to it they’re also telling him to make an account.

Subtly, and probably unintentionally, salting the wound.

He explained that questioning support about the community ban is what led to the permanent account ban, writing…

“As you can see some [comments] date back to 2017 Apparently they all count to this day and summarize into a ban.”

This wasn’t a troll constantly spamming the Steam forums.

This wasn’t a guy on a vendetta to badger or hound down developers.

This wasn’t someone who spent all day and night in the community dropping lurid language or profane comments.

He simply said some things over the course of three years that the Steam support didn’t like, and decided to permanently ban him from accessing his account over those comments.

He can no longer play any of the games purchased, nor log into his account to his stats or profile. He’s unable to even play in offline mode since he has to log into Steam to access offline mode, and they’ve banned him from logging in.

That’s gotta hurt!

That’s also gotta be illegal, and the guy says he’s gonna sue Steam, which is a good thing.

He might win, but it’s not clear for how much longer legal avenues will work.

Stealing someone’s games is illegal, but more and more illegal things are becoming legal when there’s racism involved, so it’s a good idea to always have a backup plan for everything.

As far as gaming goes, your backup plan should be not buying any games that aren’t DRM-free.

The very concept of DRM – which stands for “Digital Rights Management” – literally amounts to paying for something and that something not being yours. If you purchase a product locked with DRM, you are actually not purchasing it at all, but renting it.

You are renting from corporations increasingly staffed by mentally ill people who think you belong in a gulag if you don’t agree that men who cut their dicks off become women, and if they decide to expel you because they disagree with your politics, you may not have any renter’s rights. The Russian lawsuit should establish that, in theory, but who knows.

Steam may well reverse the decision against the Russian before it even goes to court. But there will be more problems. Gabe Newell, Steam’s CEO and the man responsible for keeping the platform censorship free all these years, is 57 years old and weighs about 570 pounds. He isn’t going to be in charge forever, and when he goes, your freedom is going to disappear like a flash of lightning.

I understand people want to support games they like, just to get more of them if nothing else, but accepting this kind of control over your life from these corporations is much more destructive in the long run than you can imagine.

You should look for your games DRM-free moving forward. GOG is a site that offers that.

If the game isn’t available there, then… well, let’s just say there are other options.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.