Statue of Christ Decapitated as Mass Assault on American Churches by Communist Revolutionaries Continues

It was clear from the beginning of this cultural revolution that it actually had nothing to do with black people, that black people were simply a convenient tool that can be used to tear down the mainstream of white society.

Very quickly after saying they were only interested in attacking and destroying the history of the white man, because that is ostensibly offensive to the blacks, they began attacking the religion of the white man.

Fox News:

A statue of Jesus Christ was decapitated and knocked off a pedestal at a Catholic church in Florida, another in a string of similar incidents nationwide.

The Rev. Edivaldo da Silva, a parish priest of three years at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Southwest Miami-Dade, discovered the desecrated depiction of Christ July 15. Police are now investigating.

“This incident has saddened the parish community,” Good Shepherd said in a statement. “It is too soon to arrive to any conclusion, but we have seen other churches vandalized around the country.  We totally ‘condemn’ this action. We invite our community to pray for peace.”

The church has hired an overnight security guard.

“Archbishop Thomas Wenski is requesting this investigation be considered a hate crime,” Mary Ross Agosta, director of communications for the Archdiocese of Miami told Fox News. “The statue, located outside the church, was on private and sacred property.”

In a separate incident, a Catholic congregation in Ocala, several hours north of Miami, was targeted Saturday morning while preparing for Mass. Steven Anthony Shields, 24, is accused of slamming his vehicle into the church before setting it on fire. He was arrested and faces several charges, including attempted murder. Police said Shields told them he was on a mission and was opposed to the Catholic Church.

In another act of violence, the pastor of St. Stephen Catholic Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., found a statue of Mary decapitated on Saturday and they have not located the statue’s head, Catholic News Agency reports.

“We don’t know if this was the targeted desecration of a sacred statue and our Catholic faith, or some kind of misguided prank, but it hurts,” Jim Wogan, director of communications for the Diocese of Knoxville, said in a statement. “For whatever reason, we are living in a very chaotic time, and anger seems to be the default setting for people.”

Statues of the Virgin Mary also were vandalized in Boston and New York City over the weekend.

A 249-year-old Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles caught fire Saturday morning. Capt. Antonio Negrete of the San Gabriel Fire Department told the local Fox 11 news outlet the recent destruction of monuments to Junipero Serra, the founder of the California mission system – whom Indigenous activists view as a symbol of oppression – will be a factor in the investigation.

This is a taste of things to come.

Communism is Jewish, so it is always fundamentally satanic, and communists led by the Jews will always attack and destroy Christianity.

Russians found it very strange when the Jewish Bolsheviks took over their country and churches were burned and statues and icons broken and desecrated, but synagogues were allowed to remain open and function normally.

You will witness the same thing in America. They are already ramping up the attack on churches, but if Joe Biden wins, it will go into overdrive. However, even as they claim to be destroying religion because religion is a tool of white oppression, they will not touch the synagogues. This time around, there will be a lot of mosques which will also be protected by the revolution.

This really needs to be a wakeup call. You need to look at the fact that these people are attacking churches, beheading statues of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, and try to grasp just how serious this situation is.

Everything that happened during the revolution in Russia is going to happen here, only it is going to be a helluva lot worse, and I do not expect that we are going to have a figure like Joseph Stalin to swoop in and start sending the people who did the revolution to camps.

In fact, there is not going to be any surprises in this revolution, because it is being directly implemented by the existing elite. Unlike in Russia, Jews are not seizing power – they are already in power, and they are simply using their position of power to enact the system that they want Americans to live under.