States are Suing Facebook for Antitrust Violations

Yes, everyone hates Facebook, and they deserve to be punished.

We do have antitrust laws, and the Justice Department should have used them a long time ago.

States suing Facebook isn’t going to accomplish anything, but I guess it’s good to draw attention to the issue.


A group of U.S. states led by New York is investigating Facebook for possible antitrust violations and plans to file a lawsuit against the social media giant next week, four sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The complaint would be the second major lawsuit filed against a Big Tech company this year. The Justice Department sued Alphabet’s Google in October.

More than 40 states plan to sign on to the lawsuit, one source said, without naming them.

Facebook declined to comment.

The Federal Trade Commission, whose commissioners met on Wednesday, could file a related complaint with an administrative law judge or in district court.

It drives me insane when I hear these Antifa faggots talking about how they’re “fighting capitalism.” Firstly, they’re not fighting anything other than normal people, while being supported by the globalist elite.

Secondly, we haven’t had “capitalism” in a very long time in the West. One of the most fundamental elements of capitalism is that governments have to protect against monopolies, because the entire core concept of capitalism is competition, and monopolies prevent competition.

Libertarianism isn’t capitalism, because they don’t believe in restricting monopolies. It was libertarians who took over the Republican Party in the 1980s and used it to push this insane agenda to concentrate all power in society in the hands of multinational corporations.

At the same time, we’re obviously not a libertarian society either.

Basically, Jews have taken all these different ideologies and pulled out the parts that benefit them – i.e., hurt normal Christian white people – the most, and mixed them all together to create a system which doesn’t really fit into any of these ideological categories. At the same time, they tell you to believe in all of these different stupid ideologies, because then they can point at you to explain why whatever horrible thing is happening.

In a real society, we would do what was best for the people, not what was supposedly the path of some bizarre ideology.