States Approving Third Gender Option on Driver’s Licenses

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2017

People who believe that there are more than two genders are anti-science kooks!

One of the more disturbing trends that we have seen over the past decade has been this push to normalize mental illnesses. Normalizing homosexuality was the first step. Now we see society attempting to normalize gender identity disorder along with its many subsets.

A few states are in the process of approving a third gender option on driver’s licenses to accommodate this insanity.

USA Today:

America has slowly begun to acknowledge that for many people, gender is much more complicated than simply being a man or a woman. And a growing number of Americans are seeking recognition of a third gender, neither exclusively male or female, under the label non-binary.

People typically think of transgender as meaning gender reversal, where someone identifies as the opposite sex from their birth sex. But transgender is an umbrella term used to cover a wide spectrum of people whose gender identity is different from the one they were assigned at birth.

More than one-third of transgender people describe themselves as non-binary, which the National Center for Transgender defines as “people whose gender is not exclusively male or female, including those who identify with a gender other than male or female, as more than one gender, or as no gender, identifying as a combination of genders or not identifying with either gender at all.”

Non-binary people have always been part of the population. But for the first time, state governments in the U.S.. are beginning to recognize their identity. Oregon approved a third gender option on driver’s licenses last week; California’s Senate passed a law with the same aim, and similar legislation was introduced in both New York and the District of Columbia this week.

It is comical that this news article claims that America has slowly accepted that there are more than two genders. Science would beg to differ. People who don’t identify as either a male or female are suffering from a problem. They should be given help. Instead, society is encouraging them to embrace their insanity. It’s the equivalent of giving an alcoholic a free 12-pack of beer every day and telling them that they should embrace their alcoholism.

Even if we assume America has accepted this nonsense as gospel, these states have a long way to go considering that Facebook already recognizes over 50 different gender types! Surely, three gender options is not inclusive enough!

As ridiculous and stupid as this whole situation is, we should fully support this initiative. Once we takeover, these databases will give us a convenient list of insane people that can be rounded up and hauled away to concentration camps. Let’s hope more states follow suit and offer this third gender option on driver’s licenses.