State Trolling: Government to Start Taxing Electric Cars to “Make Up” for Reduced Gas Revenue

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2019

We all know the obvious fact that the earth is about to blow up. We also know that the culprit is air conditioning and SUVs. But the bigger problem is, what are we gonna do about the lower gas tax revenue from electric cars?

I have a theory about government taxation: the primary purpose of taxation is to make people angry and humiliate them as much as possible.

Think about it. If the government just wanted to hide the fact that they’re leeching people’s blood and tears in order to reduce frustration, it would be super easy to make a mostly invisible taxation system. You’d just need to tax only businesses and set up tariffs, so that the majority of the people never encounter taxation in their daily lives.

But instead, the government makes it a point to make taxes as annoying as possible. For example, with sales taxes, every time you buy anything in a store, you get reminded that the government is taking a cut. With income tax, you’re forced to make a detailed report every year just to make it painfully obvious just how much of your hard-earned cash you’re giving up.

This is even more obvious when you consider the sort of stuff that gets taxed specifically and explicitly. I’m talking about gasoline, cigarettes, alcohol and various others – being reminded that you’re paying a tribute every time you fill up your car or buy a bottle of whiskey really grinds a man’s gears.

This is why I’m not surprised at all that various government agencies are coming out with these new taxes and administrative fees for owners of electric vehicles.

It’s exactly what a sadistic psychopath who revels in people’s hatred and pain would do.


The new year will bring new charges for some owners of electric vehicles, as an increasing number of states seek to plug in to fresh revenue sources to offset forgone gas taxes.

In Hawaii, the charge will be $50. In Kansas, $100. In Alabama and Ohio, $200.

New or higher registration fees go into effect Wednesday for electric vehicle owners in at least eight states. For the first time, a majority of U.S. states will impose special fees on gas-free cars, SUVs and trucks — a significant milestone as the trend toward green technology intersects with the mounting need to pay for upgrades and repairs to the nation’s infrastructure.

Though electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles comprised less than 2% of new vehicle sales in 2018, their market share is projected to rise substantially in the coming decade. State officials hope the new fees will make up for at least part of the lost gas tax revenue that is essential to their road and bridge programs.

“I think states are still trying to determine what is a fair or equitable fee on these electric vehicle owners,” said Kristy Hartman, energy program director at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Lol, a “fair and equitable’ fee.

The government and the media have been telling us non-stop, for decades, that burning oil is “evil” and that virtuous, responsible people should get electric cars instead in order to “save the planet” and fulfill their civic duty.

A small minority of people bite the bullet and buy one of these expensive and finicky vehicles, thinking they’ve “done the right thing” for society.

And then the government goes “lol guiz, we’ll slap on a bunch of extra fees cuz you’re not buying gas no more! It’s only fair!”

If I were a hippie and owned an electric, I’d be pretty mad rn tbh.

These fees have nothing to do with “balancing” the lower gas revenue.

They could have just raised the license fees for everyone by, like, $5 and no one would have even noticed – and they’d have made more money, too.

It’s just pure harassment and trolling.

Imposing fees on electric vehicles is one of several societal trends reflected in laws taking effect in 2020.

Twenty-one states will raise their minimum wage, including several to $12 an hour or more. Illinois will become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. And California will join about 10 states that enacted measures this past year relaxing deadlines to sue or prosecute for prior sexual abuse — a reaction to the ongoing sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church.

Until now, the federal government and some states have offered incentives to people to buy electric vehicles. But federal tax credits are phasing out for some of the most popular models made by Tesla and General Motors, and some states also are switching course.

Illinois, for example, had offered a two-year license plate for electric vehicles for $35, a sizable discount over its basic $98 annual registration fee. Under a law that raised both registration fees and fuel taxes, electric vehicle owners will have to pay the new basic annual rate of $148, plus an additional $100 intended to offset the lost fuel taxes.

“It’s kind of a blanket penalty for anyone who chooses to go electric,” said Neda Deylami, a Tesla owner who founded Chicago for EVs, a group that advocates for electric vehicles.

Again, the excuse that these measures are to “offset” a reduction in fuel taxes are a straight up nonsensical lie. The government already has a million different revenue sources. It’s not like every revenue source is specifically ear-marked for fulfilling a precise purpose.

The government doesn’t go like “the post office is financed by taxes on dog food, and since we didn’t get enough dog food taxes this year we can no longer deliver letters.”

Do these people think we’re this retarded to think state budgets work this way?

In that case, what’s the real purpose of these new fees?

It’s literally harassment. The point is to piss people off, and discourage people from buying electric cars. More importantly, the news of these new taxes will probably impact Tesla’s stock price.

As we’ve previously reported, there’s a lot of wealthy Jews who are holding a very short position on Tesla and who are waiting for a stock price collapse to avoid losing billions. So this kind of trickery could be related to stock price manipulation as well.

But yeah. Wow. Incredible that those bureaucrats have the face to slap these fees after their decades of nagging.

It’s like if your wife nags you for a decade to “eat healthily,” saying that you’ll save money by not going to the restaurant. Then once you lose a few pounds, she starts maniacally laughing as she torches all your clothes, saying that you’ll need to buy new ones since the old ones won’t fit anymore.