State Sponsored Pro-Pedo Feminist Gets Wrecked by Global Nazi Conspiracy

Daily Stormer
May 17, 2017

Wasn’t too long ago Spain had a guy that wouldn’t have let this situation happen in the first place.

Remember that one time that one dumb skank that worked at Nintendo advocated for pedophilia and Stormers outed her to corporate executives and got her fired? I do. That was great. I still laugh about it sometimes. Well, it just happened again. On a different continent and in a different language, but a perfidious whore just got absolutely rekt by the Stormer Troll Army.

It all started with Antena 3. It’s a Spanish TV station that holds about 13% of the national TV audience. They promoted a lecture from some high-T man-ape looking skank calling herself Doctora Glas about how men need to be feminists too.

While Antena 3’s social media intern frantically deleted the Facebook post, the content they were linking to is still accessible.

So you figure it’s just another stupid feminist shitpost nobody wants to read, right? Certainly, but there’s one caveat: this Doctora Glas skank had some very interesting ideas displayed on her Twitter, like how it is okay for children to have sex with dogs in front of an audience.

Top Tweet: “I, an exhibitionist, am not against pedophilia or bestiality”

“A tranny just posted on my Facebook wall: PEDOPHILE MOVEMENT! I love it. Death to the taboos!”

There’s a lot more where that came from in the Doctora Glas exposé over at El Daily Stormer, but I don’t think that we need to show much more to establish that this is one truly depraved individual. One of her posts has her saying she actually engages in sex with animals, which probably means she has similar desires about children too.

It really isn’t just that she’s getting paid to appear on TV. This bitch is truly making the most of the cock carousel. She’s getting paid by the Spanish state. She’s getting paid by George Soros. She’s gobbling dongs left and right to get as much graft as she can, and it is all meticulously documented by the team over at El Daily Stormer.

Now here comes the tempest. The post goes viral. Everyone is totally appalled. It’s got like fourteen thousand likes on Facebook (and counting). The post has been accessed 255,347 times as of the time of this writing, and that’s a pretty decent score even for an article on the English version of the Daily Stormer.

Need an infographic to drive the point home? This is what horizontal scale to new markets looks like for Nazis.

The mainstream Latin media even attacked a popular Mexican politician for linking us.

Do you know what happens when people link essays outing massive institutional capital financing dogfucking pedophiles and get called a Nazi for it? They start saying, “if hating pedophilia is what being a Nazi is, I guess I must be a Nazi.” Mr. Bond said it best:

Remember the guys who called me nazi, I was forced to fight?
Guess what I’m a nazi now, I think those nazis they were right
I talked to them on twitter and they brought me to the light

Powerful state and finance industry institutions funding sick perverts is not something new, but this is the first time the Spanish world have really seen it properly for themselves. Hundreds of thousands of Spanish speakers just took the Pizzagate pill. And all this magic happened before the Spanish site launch got dropped on the AP wire and hit thousands of newspapers, including Spanish language ones.

It’s only been a week since I announced the launch of the Spanish language edition of the Stormer and here we are striking like the lightning in international politics, exposing dogfucking pedophiles financed by George Soros and EU governments.

I must admit that this article is about more than just the news story. I’m taking this chance to gloat about the obvious tactical efficacy of El Daily Stormer specifically because I have never been counter-signaled so hard by people here as when I said I wanted to be involved in Latin America politics. There are half a billion Spanish speakers and I want them all to know the truth about the glory of Adolf Hitler, the ultimate avatar. The Internet is a nearly boundless network of global scale and significance and Stormer is successful at what it does because it operates in acknowledgement of that.

The idea that we shouldn’t concern ourselves about what happens outside the borders of Europe and America or attempt to find any allies there is infantile. Men like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler certainly didn’t hold that view, and I won’t either. I want the whole world to exist harmoniously with full racial segregation and a mutual understanding of a natural racial hierarchy with whites at the top, blacks at the bottom, and Jews in an ashtray.

Hail Victory.