State Department’s Man in Hong Kong Demands the Whole World Stand with Him

What right does this pedomorphic nerd have to demand anything from me?

Why should I care about his weird problems?

Why is the news media demanding that I care about this, when my country is currently experiencing a violent revolution and an unhinged mob is destroying my history?


The world must stand in solidarity with Hongkongers after Beijing imposed a sweeping national security law on the semi-autonomous city, activist Joshua Wong said on Monday, vowing to continue campaigning for democracy.

Wong, one of the city’s most prominent young activists, was speaking outside a court where he and fellow campaigners were being prosecuted for involvement in civil unrest which rocked Hong Kong last year.

China enacted the security law for the restless city last week, banning acts of subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces.

The law has sent a wave of fear through the city, and criminalised certain opinions such as calls for independence or autonomy.

At his court appearance on Tuesday, Wong, 23, remained unbowed.

“We still have to let the world know that now is the time to stand with Hong Kong,” he told reporters, adding that China could not “ignore and silence the voice of Hong Kong people”.

“With the belief of Hong Kong people to fight for freedom, we will never give up and surrender to Beijing.”

Wong – who began campaigning for democracy when he was just 12 – is often vilified by China’s state media as a “black hand” conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the nation.

Of course he’s conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the nation. The fact that the media is so concerned with trying to bully me into caring about that is proof enough. But we have the photographs of him flying to Washington to plan his revolution with Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi and the Jews.

I do not care about this individual and his problems, I am never going to care about this individual and his problems, and I am tired of being told that I am obligated to care about this individual and his problems.

I want Joshua Wong to leave me and my people alone and go deal with his own problems.