State Department Releases Document Saying They’ll Go to War Over Fake Country “Taiwan”

The State Department has declassified a menacing document threatening to go to war with China in defense of the fake country of “The Republic of China,” also known as “Taiwan.”

Asahi Shinbun:

A newly declassified document released in the finals days of the Trump administration emphasized Washington’s intent and resolve to defend Taiwan from Beijing in the event of an emergency.

The memorandum’s disclosure was likely intended to restrict Beijing’s conduct by asserting the U.S. position until the new administration of President Joe Biden can get its footing.

Strongly alarmed at China’s growing presence, the in-house document, dated Feb. 15, 2018, and titled “Cabinet Memorandum on the U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific,” outlines the government’s strategy in the region.

The note refers to Washington’s plans to support Japan and Taiwan by bolstering their military capabilities and declares that the United States will provide support for its partners by boosting countermeasures against Beijing’s espionage activities and cyberattacks.

The memo, once designated as “classified,” bears the signature of H.R. McMaster, who was President Donald Trump’s national security adviser when it was drafted.

Shortly after it was drafted, the Trump administration began engaging in a trade war with China, underscoring its anti-China policy.

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said in a statement that the declassification and release of the document “communicates to the American people and to our allies and partners America’s enduring commitment to this vital region.”

This reference is apparently aimed at pressuring Beijing to refrain from any extreme behavior. It also implicitly calls for the Biden administration to maintain a hard-line stance against China as well as the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) strategy.

Yes, China is taking over the world.

That is because white people decided they had a different list of concerns, including man-on-man anal, women’s dominance and replacing their populations with brown people.

China are high intelligence people who don’t have those sorts of concerns, so it is the order of nature that they would take over the world.

If the United States didn’t want China to take over the world, maybe they shouldn’t have poured trillions of dollars into the country by making it the center of global manufacturing?

Ah, but things went wrong. They thought that China was going to open up and integrate, but they didn’t.

Instead, they used the money to build an ultranationalist superstate, and then started buying up the entire world.

They have a fatherly dictator.

And public service announcements telling women that foreign men might try to seduce them as part of a plot (the foreign man looks strangely Jewish, and actually appears to be based on Mark Zuckerberg, who is married to a Taiwanese woman).

You can compare what’s happened between the West and China to a situation where a family “adopts” a child from Africa and the child becomes a teenager and kills them.

“It’s just a harmless little baby,” they thought when China was just a series of rice fields.

Taiwan is China’s red line, because the government of Taiwan, created by the United States, claims to be the rightful government of all of China. There are all kinds of territories that China used to control that they don’t claim ownership of, and it’s because they don’t have governments run by the United States that claim to be the real government of China.

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Vietnam for example has historically been a part of China, and China is not claiming ownership of it now.

“The Republic of China” is always going to be an existential threat to the People’s Republic of China. This is the propaganda that the US distributes in Taiwan:

Taiwanese have freedoms, you see. They can ram their penises into other men’s buttholes, anywhere. Literally, they can do it in the street. And instead of having a fatherly leader, they have a nice mommy, who loves all her little babies, and loves it when they masturbate into each other’s anuses. Those are the values they need to spread to the rest of China, in the name of Gaia veganism and double-masked, triple-vaccinated global warming paranoia or whatever the hell.

One problem they have with this is that increasingly, especially after the gay marriage thing, and then what the US State Department did in Hong Kong with those Antifa riots, Taiwanese want reunification.

But for all of the butt stuff, there is one freedom they don’t have: they do not have the freedom to vote on reunification.

Taiwanese people have been to Hong Kong, and they know what reunification would look like – they would keep their government until everyone alive now is dead, basically, as they were slowly integrated back into the culture of the mainland. It would not affect anyone normal person’s life in the way that say, the United States backing a terrorist army to burn down a city disrupts a normal person’s life.

The point is: Taiwan is an occupation government, run by the United States. China is the natural government of the Chinese people. There is only so long that the people of Taiwan are going to tolerate this situation. Mao Zedong has been dead for a really long time, we’re all grown ups now, and the United States is telling Taiwan to fight a war for gay anal sex.

I wish the right-wing media would stop talking about how Joe Biden is controlled by the Chinese. It just makes everything so confusing. He has lined his State Department with Jews who want a war with China. They just released a menacing document.

The thing about this is: Chinese people don’t really like conflict. The United States has extreme leverage because of Taiwan. They could very easily get whatever concessions they want from China, in exchange for honoring the One China policy. (Just as an example: they could make ethnic Chinese surrender ownership of property in America, Europe and Australia, probably without compensation.)

The only reason the US government isn’t using the Taiwan leverage to create some kind of deal for coexistence with China is that they don’t want coexistence. The US State Department, and the entire US government, is run by globalist Jews who want control of China. They want to put the anal government of the fake country of Taiwan in charge of Beijing, because they don’t want any fatherly figures preaching racial nationalism to exist on earth.

Frankly, it probably would have been a better idea to just let the Japanese run Asia. But that ship, as is the tendency of ships, has already sailed. We had to firebomb do a nuclear weapon against Japan because a mustache man put the Jews in a shower room only instead of water coming out of the shower it was deadly disinfectant.

Ultimately, it doesn’t affect my life who runs Asia. The main thing I’m personally concerned with is that the ACLU wins their lawsuit for sex discrimination in the draft and a bunch of fat white sluts have to go die fighting for analism in Taiwan.

It’s her turn to get in the box.

These sluts better leave instructions on which Instagram photo filters to use on the pictures of their boxes.