State Department Finally Gets Rid of “Anti-Semitism Envoy”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2017

The Trump administration is finally giving their voters what we want. The so-called “Anti-Semitism Envoy” at the State Department was nothing more than pork barrel for (((billionaire donors))).

Traditionally, this position focuses on “monitoring” and using government power to engage in surveillance of First Amendment activity in the United States. Its primary objective was to use its clout to suggest aggressive action against countries that don’t do exactly what Jews say. According to the State Department, Anti-Semitism includes criticism of Israel, complaining about Jews racially abusing you, and asking how Zyklon-B killed 6,000,000 Jews but not 6,000,000 Mexicans.

Times of Israel:

The US State Department’s office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism will be unstaffed as of July 1, despite concerns from Jewish officials over the downgrading of the congressionally mandated post.

A source familiar with the office’s workings told JTA that its remaining two staffers, each working half-time or less, would be reassigned as of that date.

The Trump administration, which has yet to name an envoy to head the office, would not comment on the staffing change. At full staffing, the office employs a full-time envoy and the equivalent of three full-time staffers.

The State Department told JTA in a statement that it remained committed to combating anti-Semitism – and cited as evidence the tools, including the department’s annual reports on human rights and religious freedom, that existed before Congress mandated the creation of the envoy office in 2004.

“We want to ensure the Department is addressing anti-Semitism in the most effective and efficient method possible and will continue to endeavor to do so,” the statement said.

“The Department of State condemns attacks on Jewish communities and individuals. We consistently urge governments around the world to address and condemn anti-Semitism and work with vulnerable Jewish communities to assess and provide appropriate levels of security.

George W. Bush passed the “Global Anti-Semitism Act” (2004) and invented this post from scratch against State Department wishes. After killing millions of people and wiping out our economy by wasting trillions, now you know why Jewish “liberals” now miss the first mentally challenged person to stumble into the Oval Office.

If Jews were seriously concerned about stopping “hate crimes” against their community, they would pass a law forbidding Jews from buying spray paint.

The most egregious anti-Semitic crimes in recent memory can be stopped by extraditing the Mossad operatives that were behind the “JCC Bomb Threats.” Jews once called this the “biggest threat” to their people “in years.”

Any takers? Israel refuses to extradite him, and the never ending list of anti-Semitism watch dogs are not making a peep. Yet another Jew at the State Department using our tax dollars to spy on us and infringe on our rights won’t change that.