Starving Refugee Children Attack Police in Barcelona Subway

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2017

Meanwhile in Spain, vibrancy and enrichment intensify.


The Guardia Urbana de Barcelona has been attacked by a group of keepers in the access to the metro station of Plaza de Catalunya , where street vendors have ended up jumping around the checkpoints while assaulting the agents with their belts.

The events occurred on Wednesday when, according to TMB, a mantero has tried to strain the Barcelona metro, at which time he has been caught by a security guard, who has reproached him to try to access the station without paying, by the lobby of line 3 of Plaza de Catalunya.

Once inside the metro area, the keepers have been directed by the platform of the L-3 and later by the transshipment corridors towards the exit of line 1 in the Ronda de Sant Pere, where they have taken to the street , according to TMB.

Without this, Sweden will never survive.