Starbucks “Public Bathroom” Policy is Hurting the Number of Customers Coming Through the Door, Study Claims

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

Could that lady be the famous “Mother Earth” worshiped by the corrupted Church?

Last year, Starbucks decided to turn their stores into homeless shelters so any black could use their facilities freely without having to spend any money. One of the consequences was that at the beginning of this year, they considered adding needle disposal boxes to the bathrooms, which they ended up doing a few months later.

Now, a study reveals a new consequence of that polemic decision.

Daily Mail:

It appears that allowing anyone to use Starbucks’ bathrooms even if they haven’t bought anything could be affecting the number of people who visit the cafes.

The coffee chain adjusted its policy in May 2018 in an effort to allow all customers who come in ‘to feel welcome’.

The shift occurred after the arrest of two black men at a Starbucks in Philadelphia who were waiting for a friend. It became a major source of embarrassment for the company.

But it now appears that people are being put off from even stepping foot inside Starbucks as a result of the change in policy.

Since opening its bathroom doors to the public, there has been a 6.8% drop in store attendance per month relative to other coffee shops nearby, according to the findings of a joint study from the University of Texas at Dallas and Boston College.

‘When you throw open the policy to let people come in and just use the bathrooms and the tables, maybe people come in and find the bathrooms are dirty, and the tables are crowded, and so they don’t buy the coffee as well,’ David Solomon,  Assistant Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management, told Yahoo Finance.

Public bathrooms are not pretty places. It’s not very glamorous to have a coffee next to one, just as it isn’t very glamorous to sit and have a cup of coffee with a stinky homeless drug-addicted black no matter how much charity work you do and no matter how much you want to help them.

Help or flee?

In fact, close proximity to these creatures often has a negative effect even on the people who are the most interested in helping them.

The results in our study highlight the difficulty companies can have when trying to engage in different forms of socially responsible behavior,’ Solomon explained.

The study used location data relating to 10,752 Starbucks stores between January 2017 to October 2018.

The data was then complied by SafeGraph which specializes in analyzing smartphone location data and algorithms.

‘Our team was very interested in what the economic consequences would be of an open bathroom policy as an example of providing a public good. While the hope is always that providing public goods will be rewarded by the market with increased sales and new potential customers, this isn’t necessarily the case,’ Solomon noted of the study.

It is socially responsible to let homeless blacks stay in your home and allow them to use your bathroom.

These are Our Values as a corporation nation.

Starbucks calls its approach to its bathrooms a ‘Third Place Policy,’ meaning anyone can use the coffee shop’s facilities without having to make a purchase.

The company has said the research is flawed and that sales have gone up along with attendance.

‘Customers are visiting Starbucks at record numbers,’ a spokesperson said in a statement.

‘Rather than tracking cell phone data without user knowledge, we see real customers in our stores and the connections they make with our partners (employees) every day across more than 31,000 stores.’

Okay, if anyone can use Starbucks’ facilities even without having to make a purchase, then why should anyone pay for an office? Companies should just claim Starbucks tables for themselves and tell employees to work there.

Anyone can just walk in and sit somewhere and do whatever — pretty much like what happens with our countries and borders.

But apparently, as Starbucks said, it’s good for the economy.

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