Starbucks Faces Boycott and Protests for Racism Against Blacks

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

Yeah Starsucks, coffee is black so that means you can’t kick out blacks who loiter in your stores!

As reported earlier, Starbucks has found itself in some trouble after employees called the cops to remove a couple of niggers lingering in the store. They were not paying customers and were asked to leave but refused to do so. Since they didn’t leave, cops were called to make them leave.

Hilariously, Starbucks is now facing a boycott and protests over the situation.


Protesters gathered at a Philadelphia Starbucks on Sunday and planned to regroup again on Monday morning after two black men were arrested there last week when they allegedly refused to leave.

Protesters brought megaphones and signs that said phrases like, “Too Little Too Latte,” and confronted the employees behind the register, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The original incident occurred on Thursday, when a Starbucks employee called 911 because two black men were sitting inside the café. Soon after they arrived, police handcuffed the men and escorted them out of the shop.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is black, said the men hadn’t purchased anything and refused to leave, which led to the arrest.

In reality, all those colored apes had to do was buy something to qualify themselves as paying customers. But since they refused to buy anything and refused to leave, what else were the employees supposed to do? They had no choice but to call the cops. Especially since they were dealing with a couple of blacks, a racial group known for their unpredictably violent behavior.

It’s also just common courtesy to buy something if you are waiting for any lengthy period of time at a coffee shop. Of course, this type of common courtesy is a foreign concept to blacks. It’s the same reason why blacks are notoriously horrible tippers.

The President of the United States Donald Trump is shown here protesting the racism at Starbucks.

All that aside, it’s actually very funny that a coffee chain like Starbucks which has actively promoted multiculturalism, tolerance and all this Marxist nonsense is now facing a boycott and protests for racism. This is what happens when theoretical Jew rubbish about multiculturalism collides with reality. The theories don’t match up with what actually happens in the real world.

As expected, Starbucks management has already apologized and is groveling over the incident. In my view, this is a very bad business decision. I think they’d get much more business if they enacted a company wide policy banning niggers from their coffee shops.