Starbucks Apologizes for Calling Cops on Black Criminals

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2018

This is where we’re at now.

Shit has just gotten full-goofy.

Fox News:

Starbucks has issued an apology after a viral video showed two black men being arrested for refusing to leave when a store employee denied them access to the restroom.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, a Starbucks employee called 911 Thursday to report the two for “trespassing.” The employee told officers that the two men came in and asked to use the restroom but were not allowed to do so because they hadn’t purchased anything, which Ross said is company policy.

After police arrived, Ross said they asked the men to leave three times but they refused. They were arrested but ultimately released after the company decided not to pursue charges.

The video shows officers handcuffing the two while another man is overheard saying he was meeting the men, calling the arrest “ridiculous.”

Facing major backlash, Starbucks issued an apology on Twitter Saturday morning.

This is what the cops should have done.

That’s how you’re supposed to deal with black people at Starbucks.

Seriously – what would they be doing there?

This shit is simply disgusting and retarded.

Every single person in America KNOWS that young black males are menacing, and that in any interaction with them, you suffer some level of menacement.

I don’t know what goes on in women’s heads, nor do I give a fuck. But I could probably accept that they have such a strong ability to deceive themselves in order to put themselves in line with mainstream morality that they could pass a lie detector test saying they don’t find young black men menacing.

But any white man who tells you that they don’t find young black men menacing is lying and he knows he’s lying on purpose. It is an Emperor’s Clothes situation. Everyone is lying to each other about this, because they think they are immoral if they feel menaced by these evil, monkeylike creatures.

You see, the problem with black people is not even that they’re stupid.

They have the same IQ as Filipinos, and if we had 13% Filipino population in America, people would find it annoying, but they would deal with it, because if you see two Filipinos sitting around they aren’t looking at you and making body language like they’re maybe going to kill you.

The core problem of the blacks, and the key issue of Negro fatigue, is that they are so aggressive and potentially dangerous. And even without the potential danger, the aggressive, confrontational nature is simply exhausting, and white people have no psychological mechanism designed to deal with it. Our immediate response is to try to ease the tension with “hey man it’s cool” type behavior, and that causes the negro to escalate the tension.

We need to get these creatures out of our country and we need to do it quickly.

Good news: they aren’t going to survive long in an apocalyptic post-nuclear wasteland.

Especially not one where Andrew Anglin is Negan.