Star Wars 9 Made Half as Much Money in the US as Star Wars 7

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2020

Star Wars 9 AKA “Space Niggers on Space Horses” is the biggest box office disappointment of the millennium.

This should be embarrassing for the Jews.

Or should it be a point of pride?

Jew Star Wars director JJ Abrams and Jew Disney CEO Bob Iger

Collapsing the most beloved movie franchise in movie history was no easy task.


“Star Wars” is shrinking at the box office. “The Rise of Skywalker” is nearing $1 billion worldwide, but it’s way behind the previous installments.

“The Force Awakens” finished its theatrical run with $2 billion worldwide. That was an enormous hit.

But the next chapter, “The Last Jedi,” ended up with $1.3 billion, a significant fall off.

“Skywalker” shows “Star Wars” fatigue. It’s not quite at $1 billion, and it’s getting ready to say goodbye. Disney will keep it in movie theaters for a while but the big push is over.

In the US, “Skywalker” has earned just half of what “The  Force Awakens” raked in. 

The film has grossed $990 million worldwide against a production budget of $275 million, making it only the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2019. That probably means they barely made a profit, because these days, the advertising budgets are much bigger than the production budgets.

Star Wars 9 is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

Disney was claiming they were going to put out one of these films every year for the rest of eternity, but Solo actually did lose money in 2018, even though it was – in my opinion – the best of the new series of films.

After that box office bomb, Disney announced that they’d be scaling the films back, and now the next release is in 2022.

There is going to be a big announcement about that later this month, but so far we know that the entire next series of films will take place 400 years before the 1990s prequel films. They told us that the black guy, the slut and that other guy would be the new trio for the new generation, and that plan has now officially been abandoned entirely following the disaster that was Star Wars 9.

What they tell you the world is like when you’re a kid
What the world actually turns out to be like

Basically, the new trilogy was so horrible, that they simply have to forget about it, and move the story to a completely different timeline.

It was sad to see the destruction of beloved childhood memories by these Jews in such a vicious way. But then in hindsight, it’s also kind of funny.