Star Trek: Discovery is the Single Lowest Rated Scripted Show on CBS

Star Trek: Discovery is not only the worst show on television, it is also one of the lowest rated.

The show, which shares the name of several much better shows but has nothing to do with them, is about a magical black woman in space. Throughout the show, she proves that black women are better than white men, and actually better than anyone in the entire universe.

People do not like it.

Recently released ratings show that Discovery is the lowest rated scripted show in the 18-49 demographic, which is the standard target demographic.

In terms of total viewership, it is the third lowest rated show. I guess it gains some points in the “over 49” category.

This show is ridiculously expensive to make, and there is no question that it is losing huge amounts of money.

Why do they keep making it? They’ve just renewed it for a fourth season.

The only possible reason you would continue making this show is for political reasons. But no one is watching it. So you would think that this money could be better spent making some other type of political propaganda, which people would actually consume.

It’s a really strange thing.

I famously watched most of the Picard series, which is a spin-off of Discovery. But I have not been able to make it through any season of Discovery. As a fan of Star Trek, I believe this show is the worst thing ever made in all of history.

It is of course made by the Jews.

Creator and producer Alex Kurtzman looks like a rabbi who just crawled out of an alley in Warsaw to offer you sex with a midget.

I am a person who has argued emphatically that there is no specific reason that anti-white propaganda can’t be entertaining. The problem they seem to be facing is that creative people simply are not interested in their agenda, so they are forced to rely on very uncreative and incompetent people to produce their tripe.

The show is both uniquely uncreative and uniquely incompetent. It could be one or the other – an uncreative show could still follow the basic rules of narrative fiction in terms of structure, and garner more of an audience than this show has garnered. Storytelling is literally procedural.

I guess part of their challenge is that their main character, Empowered Black Female Protagonist, cannot be developed because she is perfect. She already has every ability, she is the peak of humanity, so she can’t learn anything, and really, nothing can ever be a challenge for her – because she’s perfect.

But if that was my starting point, I would make the show about her struggle to deal with being perfect in an imperfect world. Instead, she is just presented with meaningless challenges that she easily overcomes because she is perfect and capable of doing everything very easily.

It’s almost amazing that they are capable of making something so horrible as this show. It is was any worse, it would be in “so bad it’s good” territory, where a show appears self-aware of its failings (even if it isn’t). This show is right on the line, but you cannot doubt their sincerity.

There is a sort of pornographic element to the show, in that it feels dirty to be watching something so saccharine, vapid and embarrassing. It feels like reading a small female child’s diary and laughing at her stupid, self-indulgent hopes and dreams.

Along with being totally Jewish, the show is pure and unfiltered millennialism. The one thing that you can learn from Star Trek: Discovery is that whatever millennials end up getting, they deserve much worse.