Standard Behavior: Female Judge was Having Sex Parties in the Courthouse

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2020

This whole experiment has been an unmitigated disaster.

There was a time when judges were respected figures – paragons of justice and wisdom, whom all men relied on to provide fair judgements and arbitration.

That time was… probably, like, thousands of years ago.

Wait, were there even judges back in those days?

In any case, what’s certain is that judges have not traditionally been crazy skanks who spent all their time having threesomes in the courthouse, being openly corrupt, annoying everyone around them and just generally being a horrible waste of space.

But then they started allowing women to be judges…

NBC News:

A Kentucky family court judge has been suspended with pay after she was accused of misconduct, including an allegation that she had a threesome in the courthouse.

Dawn Gentry, a family court judge in Kenton County, in Kentucky’s northern 16th Judicial District, was charged with multiple counts of misconduct in November by the state Judicial Conduct Committee.

She was put on paid suspension this week pending a final decision.

Presumably, you’d think a judge of all people would be pretty clear on what constitutes misconduct or not.

This would definitely be misconduct.

Maybe she just liked living close to the edge. Or never thought the patriarchy would catch on to her schemes.

Either way, this thot can now officially be considered patrolled.

Gentry is accused of coercing court staff to work on her judicial election campaign, retaliating against employees who failed to support her campaign and hiring a man with whom she had a sexual relationship, according to a conduct committee document outlining the charges. She denies all of the accusations.

The judge, who was elected in November 2018, is alleged to have hired her lover, a former pastor, and allowed him to play guitar and sing in the office, “disrupting other court employees during the workday,” according to the documents. An attorney for Gentry said she didn’t realize that the man’s behavior was a distraction, the documents show.

She didn’t “realize” that having her boyfriend come into the office to loudly sing and play the guitar would “disrupt” the other employees?


I can actually believe that.

After all, that would simply mean that she’s as dumb as a brick, completely lacking in self-awareness and incapable of feeling empathy for other people around her.

All qualities that I’m sure make a great judge.

Gentry, her male lover and a third court employee, a woman, also are alleged to have engaged in sexual activity in the courthouse. Gentry denies that allegation, as well, according to court documents.

She faces a slew of other allegations, among them that she took her children to work and allowed them to witness confidential court proceedings. Once, her child recognized one of the children involved in a confidential case, the conduct committee alleged.

The committee also accused Gentry of approving false or inaccurate time sheets and of allowing staff to store and consume alcoholic beverages in court offices and to consume alcohol in the courthouse. Gentry denies falsifying time sheets, and she said through a lawyer in a court response that she had been unaware that her staffers were drinking.

Stephen Ryan, Gentry’s attorney, said in an interview Wednesday that witnesses during court proceedings attested to Gentry’s skills as a judge, arguing that she was fit to remain on the bench.

“They said she was fair and listened to the arguments and wrote good legal opinions,” said Ryan, who said Gentry often presided over divorces, child neglect and abuse cases, and truancy issues.

So she was having threesomes in the courthouse.

The staff was boozing it up under her supervision.

She was having someone playing loud music in the office.

We’re literally talking sex, drugs and rock & roll here.

As soon as a woman was put in charge, the noble and austere courthouse turned into a den of degeneracy.

And this woman was presiding over divorce and other family matters.

Remember, White man, when you’re getting divorced and the judge strips you of all your belonging, orders you to pay most of your salary to your ex-wife and then takes away your kids, that judge is probably exactly the same kind of degenerate skank featured in this news story.