St Louis: Negro Assaults Random White Woman in Broad Daylight

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2017

The ideological guidebook of our Judenpresse holds that there are two types of crimes in Weimerica.

The first category is “hate crimes.” These incidents are plugged into every mass communication vein and drip anti-white venom into the population of already mentally unstable sexual deviants and blacks. This is interpreted (as intended) by many blacks as calls for “retaliation” against whites as a race. They usually turn out to be hoaxes and anti-white blood libels done for money or, when it’s Jews, cheap political capital to utilize in Washington. When the truth comes out the stories disappear without retraction or apology.

The second category is “hide crimes.” These are real incidents where blacks commit acts of murder, rape or aggravated assault against random whites. This violence happens daily and is often motivated by race, at least as a periphery motive. Jews in the mainstream media make sure to hide these crimes, because if more white people actually knew what was actually going on across America they would rise up. Out of sight, out of mind!

In the case of this “hide crime,” a white person jogged past a Kang in St Louis and forgot to genuflect before him.

Fox 2:

A jogger simply running her normal route in the Central West End is punched by a stranger who then took off himself.

The victim, a woman in her 30’s, has a black eye and some swelling. While the punch shook her emotionally, it didn’t knock her down. She wanted to share her warning, but asked that we not share her name for her protection.

“I was walking south, he was walking north and at the very last second he stepped in front of me and just clocked me as hard as he could,” the victim said. “I want people to be aware. Just because it’s daylight doesn’t mean you’re safe,” she added.

According to St. Louis Police, the attack happened Thursday at 5:15p.m. near Newstead and Laclede.

Niggers do this to white elderly, white disabled, white females and other physically defenseless people every day in the USA, yet they are the ones that act like they’re being victimized.

The female victim gives me a strong liberal vibe. What other type of white woman would see a random 30-something negro and smile at him instead of crossing the street?

Wealthy white women in their 20s and 30s love leftism, being single, moving to wastelands like St Louis and jogging. Lumpen nigs in their 20s and 30s love luring them, raping them, killing them and stealing their iPhones.

A match made in…St Louis!

Next time remind him that you’re actually allies against the white patriarchy. He must’ve felt objectified by your “white gaze” on “black bodies.”