St. Louis: Media Outraged After BLM Mob Rushes People’s House and Gets Met with Guns

Welcome to the next level of abject insanity: a violent mob marched into the yard of a St. Louis family, and the media is claiming they were the aggressors for coming out with guns to defend themselves.

Watch the video.

Then understand that this is the headline:

This is what I’m telling you: it’s happening. They are going to start coming to our houses and the media is going to say that we’re evil if we try to defend ourselves.

It’s happening.

This is what the Associated Press wrote, as published by the New York Times – all the rest of the media is writing the same:

A white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation.

A social media video showed the armed couple standing outside of their large home Sunday evening in the upscale Central West End neighborhood of the Missouri city.

In the video, the unidentified couple shouted at protesters, while people in the march moved the crowd forward, urging participants to ignore them.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether St. Louis police were aware of the incident. An email and phone call from The Associated Press to police weren’t immediately answered.

These people are boomers. They’re in their sixties. They didn’t know what was going on. They’re sitting at home watching their TVs, seeing these people rioting everywhere and burning everything, then they look out their window and see them marching through their yard screaming.

This is absolutely frightening, to be in a situation where these people are entering your property.

By the way, the media is simply lying when they say it was a sidewalk – they opened a gate and entered onto private property.

They were in these people’s yard. Those people had good reason to believe they were going to storm their house. They obviously have a very big house, and it is logical to assume that these people are going to start storming rich white people’s houses at any moment.

These people are coming for us, and the police are not going to protect us.

But if this mob would have stormed these people’s house and they would have shot them, the police would have been there instantly to arrest them for self-defense, and the prosecutor would have brought murder charges.

This is the situation: the law now only goes one way. The mob knows that. Because the mob is not a real thing. It is a creation of the state. The mob is being used as a weapon by the government/media against the people of the country. It is a manufactured mob.

They are going to start killing us. If Joe Biden wins, they are going to simply slaughter us all.

That’s why I’m telling you: do whatever you can to get Donald Trump reelected, and in the meantime, try to get out of the city.

This Isn’t Fun or Cool or Cute

A lot of things change, but one thing that will never change is my burning hatred for the fake news Twitter scumbag Jack Posobiec AKA Agent Poso. This guy is really the lowest form of life on earth.

He is the absolute worst form of controlled opposition shill.

He is posting about this St. Louis event, acting like it is all so hip and cool and “wowee gee guys, what amazing culture warriors.”

This tweet in particular really got to me:

What the hell does that even mean, “the suburbs are rising up”? These people are not “rising up” – they are under siege. That is the diametric opposite of “rising up.”

I’m also just going to say I’m tired of this retro 80s “ironic cool” bullshit. I don’t want to sound like the Grinch, but I actually just can’t really even take it anymore.

There is no energy in these memes and there is nothing cool or cute about this situation. These people were scared for their lives. They thought a mob of blacks was ready to rush their home.

This is not a joke, people. They are going to start slaughtering us. Everything is being set up for an actual genocide. You need to understand that and you need to take it seriously.

Sure, make memes, lionize people who stand up, okay, whatever. But there needs to be a serious tone here, at least sometimes, because nothing is presently indicating to me that you people understand what is going on.

Currently, the only thing that stands between us and a slaughter is the orange man, and his grip is very loose.

We need to figure something out and we need to do it quickly.