St. Louis: High Yella Prosecutor Victim of a Good Old Fashioned Racist Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2020

Everywhere you look these days you find yet another racist conspiracy.

By white people.

Fox News:

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Monday over what she claims was a racist conspiracy by city officials and the local police union to remove her from office.

Gardner, who is black, alleges civil rights violations as well as violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. The named defendants in the lawsuits are white.

The lawsuit names the city of St. Louis; the St. Louis Police Officers Association;  the police union’s business manager, Jeff Roorda; and Gerard Carmody, a special prosecutor who indicted an investigator hired by Gardner, among others.

Roorda said the police union considers the lawsuit “frivolous and without merit.”

In her lawsuit, Gardner cites St. Louis’ “long history of racial inequality and prejudice in its criminal justice system generally, and within its police force particularly.”

She said the police union and others “have mobilized to thwart” her efforts to reform the city’s justice system by “the unprecedented appointment of a white, ethically conflicted Special Prosecutor” in an effort to oust her.

The lawsuit says the police union “has gone out of its way to support white officers accused of perpetrating acts of violence and excessive force against African American citizens.” It cites Roorda’s support of Darren Wilson, the white officer who was not charged but resigned after fatally shooting Michael Brown, a black teenager, in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

Darren Wilson.

Now that was a racist conspirator if I ever saw one.

Can you believe the way he just murdered that innocent child in cold blood?