Sri Lankan White Nationalists Begin Crusading Innocent Moslem For No Reason Whatsoever

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2019

“Muslims are the real victims.”

From the far-right meme factories on 4chan to the front page of the New York Times – all without a hint of irony.

New York Times:

In the town of Negombo, where an attack on a church during Easter services killed more than 100 people, gangs of Christian men moved from house to house, smashing windows, breaking down doors, dragging people into the streets, punching them in the face and then threatening to kill them, dozens of residents said. No deaths were reported, but many Muslims fear it is only a matter of time.

If one of the bombers’ goals in slaughtering hundreds of innocent men, women and children at hotels and churches on Easter Sunday was to stir new religious hatred in Sri Lanka, that may now be happening in some areas.

Despite pleas for calm from religious leaders of all faiths, tensions are rising and fear is traveling across this island nation like a fast-moving shadow. Many Muslims in different parts of the country say they are lying low and avoiding public places.

It’s all so tiresome.

Those poor Moslems.

Until this week, Sri Lanka didn’t have much history of Christian-Muslim violence. The two faiths are small minorities: The country is about 7 percent Christian, 10 percent Muslim, 13 percent Hindu and 70 percent Buddhist.

Religion was not a driving factor in Sri Lanka’s decades-long civil war, in which ethnic tensions between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils nearly tore the country apart.

During the war years, many Muslim men rose up the ranks of the government’s intelligence services because they were known for their fluency in Sri Lanka’s three major languages — Sinhala, Tamil and English. 

Don’t let Moslems into your government. Got it. Lesson learned.

I’m also going to be watching closely to see how Sri Lanka takes care of their Moslem problem.

Chances are that they’re not going to fuck around. Though it pains my heart to admit it, they’re going to remove kebab better than any formerly Christian nation could.

Our meme game is strong – not gonna lie.

But these based Buddhists get right down to business and don’t mess around. 

The NY Times kvetches even when nothing is happening, but it seems that there really is something happening in Sri Lanka.

Riots appear to be going off all over the place.

Sri Lankans are just straight-up kicking these people out of their neighborhoods and demanding that the government start making arrests.

This isn’t even new.

There were already several high-profile clashes with Moslems even before the recent attacks.

Based Buddhist monks who don’t give a fuck because they’re just going to be reincarnated anyway so whatever were arrested for leading the rioters then, and they’re probably the ones leading the rioters now as well.

Imagine a Christian priest doing that.

It’s impossible to even think of, because Christians no longer believe in Jesus Christ and Eternal Life. That is why they are too afraid and too timid. Only people who aren’t afraid to die for their beliefs are able to stand up and fight and die and get that standing ovation in Heaven.

If Christianity were a serious religion, there’d be a spontaneous people’s Crusade led by priests after Notre Dame or any of the countless terror attacks that the Moslems pulled in recent years and we all know it. But no. Nothing. Meanwhile, what we see in Sri Lanka is a healthy society reacting in a healthy way.

We live in a very sick society that can’t recognize an immune response when it sees one and that condemns these Sri Lankans, when they’re really actually doing our job for us and cleaning up the mess that our own priests won’t clean up for us.

They’re doing us a solid, really.

We should be grateful that they’re Buddhist and that they don’t give a fuck otherwise they’d be singing John Lennon songs and making complete fools out of themselves.